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Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are making huge strides for their family independent of the rest of the Duggars. While Jill was homeschooled her entire life, she’s choosing to send her kids to public school. And her son, Israel, looked like he had a great first day of kindergarten.

Jill posted a video showing how Israel’s first day went. And she mentioned one aspect of public school that she never considered until now. Here’s what she said.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believed in homeschooling their kids

Jill might be the only one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids to send her children to public school. While homeschooling 19 kids is no joke, Jim Bob and Michelle are devout Baptists and want to instill those same values in their kids. They can better incorporate their religious teachings if all their kids are at home learning.

Michelle even explained to TLC that the curriculum she wanted to use for homeschooling was “Christian-based” with emphasis on character building like “responsibility, honesty, self-control.” And Michelle also relied on some of the older kids in the house with helping their younger siblings get their work done.

“Working within an assigned buddy system, each of our older children assists in helping with the needs of a younger sibling,” Michelle told Alpha Omega Publications. “Plus chores are assigned and posted on a master schedule on the wall so they all know what to do and work together to complete their assigned ‘jurisdictions.'”

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recapped their son’s first day of public school

While Michelle and Jim Bob still believe in the power of homeschooling, Jill and Derick made it clear they’re excited for their kids to go to public school. The couple both posted photos of Israel’s first day of kindergarten. And Israel looks more excited than ever to meet other kids his age and learn in a new setting.

“Happy first day of school for these two!” Jill captioned her post. “1st day of Kindergarten for Israel and 1st day of last year of law school for Derick!”

Now that Israel had a successful first day, Jill also posted a video to Youtube recounting how it went. The video starts with the night before Israel’s first day and goes into the following day. And Israel seems happy from start to finish.

Jill’s younger son, Sam, isn’t as excited to see Israel go, though. Sam asks where Israel is after the drop-off, and the child’s extra excited to see his older brother return home.

Jill mentioned 1 aspect of public school she didn’t anticipate


Jill Duggar Defied Her Family Even More With the Outfit She Chose for Israel’s Back-to-School Photos

Both Jill and Derick went back to the school to pick up Israel once his day ends. And Jill films the few moments prior to Israel’s release from class. While she’s in the car, she noticed how long the car pick-up line is — and it’s definitely not something she’s used to.

“Hey guys, so, I was homeschooled. And I had no idea that these lines would take so long,” Jill explained. Derick, who’s in the driver’s seat, also pretended to be asleep. And Jill then noted in the video that she and Derick were waiting in line to pick up Israel for an hour.

“They made two lines the next day and cut the wait time in half,” text over the video then explained as Jill continued to talk. “Excited to see Israel if he ever comes out,” she added.

Finally, Israel’s released from class and hops in the car. And it’s clear he had a fantastic first day. While Jill didn’t anticipate the long line to pick him up, it’s clear she’s ultra-happy about her son finally heading off to school. We’re excited to hear even more updates!

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