Jill Duggar Proudly Stated She’s ‘No Longer a Slave to Fear,’ and Her Followers Have Mixed Feelings

It’s hard to keep up with everything happening with the Duggar family, as many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest kids have spouses, children, and Instagrams of their own. And now, it’s Jill Duggar who’s taking over the limelight as the most rebellious in the family.

Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are making it known they’re going against the Duggar grain, as they enrolled their oldest son, Israel, into public school. Not only that, but Derick keeps putting Jill’s family on blast — and Jill has yet to stop him. And a recent Instagram Story post from Jill about finding freedom from fear has fans wondering if this is a subtle jab at her family — though not everyone’s convinced.

Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, keeps spilling Duggar family secrets

Derick’s been causing the Duggar family trouble ever since he got himself and Jill kicked off of Counting On for his transphobic tweets. But it certainly didn’t end there. At the end of 2019, a fan asked Derick if he and Jill ever see the other Duggars, especially around the holidays. And that’s when Derick started spilling major tea, as he told the follower that Jill needs permission from Jim Bob to go to the big Duggar home.

“Jill even had to ask JB permission to go over to the house to help her sister when she was in labor because her sister wanted her help, but Jill couldn’t provide the assistance until we got it cleared with JB,” Derick said.

Not only that, but Jill’s husband has also spoken with Youtuber Without a Crystal Ball about the Duggars and TLC. As for how Jill feels about it, some insiders claim she wants Derick to stop talking about the drama, but we can’t be sure.

Jill posted a photo of an ornament in her car that says she’s ‘no longer a slave to fear’

Jill Duggar's Instagram Story
Jill Duggar’s Instagram Story with sponsored content | Jill Dillard via Instagram Story

Jill has yet to speak out about any of the family drama. But she occasionally seems to throw hints toward her Instagram followers that show she’s totally aware of everything going on. And it looks like her Instagram Story on May 24 might be another hint.

The Story shows a photo of a car ornament that says, “No longer a slave to fear,” and she added that it “sparks joy.” Jill also added a coupon code so her followers can get their own for a discount.

Considering everything Derick’s told his followers about Jill, many thought this was Jill’s subtle way of reminding everyone she’s no longer associated with Counting On or the other Duggars.

“She really is coming a long way even just in the last year,” a Reddit user noted in regards to the ornament. “I really hope every year Jill grows even more.”

Some of her followers think it doesn’t actually show any personal growth


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Many think Jill’s Instagram Story is a sign she’s growing, changing, and maturing — but others aren’t so sure. Many Reddit users noted the ornament’s saying actually comes from Christian song lyrics that are very popular among the fundamentalist community.

“A lot of Christians (fundie, fundie lite, mainstream) are obsessed with this song currently. And love things with sayings,” another Reddit user mentioned. “I don’t think this alone is any indication of anything other than she loves that song.”

“I think when Christians say ‘no longer a slave to fear’ it means like… fear of the unknown and not having faith that god is everything,” another pointed out. “There’s a good chance she doesn’t mean the fear we are thinking of.”

Even if the saying is from famous song lyrics, another Reddit user pointed out that Jill might still be trying to “send a message” since she keeps displaying it on her Instagram.

No matter what, it’s clear Jill’s making many strides to live the life she wants and deserves with or without her parents.

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