Jill Duggar Proved She’s Over Everyone Commenting on What She’s Drinking: ‘It Seems Ya’ll Are Interested in My Choice of Drinks’

Jill Duggar is making a name for herself as the most rebellious of her family. According to her husband, Derick Dillard, he and Jill rarely attend family events — and there seems to be some strife with Jim Bob Duggar. Now, Jill’s going out on a limb even more by wearing what she wants, sending her kids to public school, and drinking alcohol.

It seems Jill’s very aware her fans and critics are talking about her alcohol consumption, too. Here’s what she wrote to Instagram.

Jill Duggar was recently caught drinking alcohol

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggars through the years know Jim Bob and Michelle had some seriously strict rules for their kids. The famous parents are devout Baptists, which meant they didn’t consume modern media, they don’t believe in birth control, and they also don’t consume alcohol.

However, now that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are older, married, and having families of their own, it seems they could make their own rules. And many have. Jinger Duggar had a serious discussion with Michelle regarding her decision to wear pants, and she even moved all the way to California with her husband.

As for alcohol, it still seems like most of the Duggars have no interest in drinking. Bustle notes Jessa and Jill once accidentally sipped a spiked punch at an event, and they hated it. But Jill’s since changed her tune. She posted a photo of herself with Derick, and she was enjoying a piña colada. Not only that, but she confirmed that it had alcohol in it by telling a fan on Instagram that it was “regular.”

She posted a snarky response about drinking coffee

While Jill’s getting more love from followers than ever before, it’s clear she knows people are talking about her choices that go against the Duggar grain. On Sept. 10, she posted another photo of her and Derick, and they both are smiling while holding up their coffees.

“Morning coffee date with my hubby @derickdillard (& Sam tagging along too),” Jill captioned the post. And she then added a snarky comment referencing her alcoholic beverage from the previous Instagram photo.

“Oh, and since it seems y’all are interested in my choice of drinks recently (lol recent post)…yes, this was a REGULAR coffee (I.e. full caf) white chocolate mocha with coconut milk,” she added.

Duggar family critics are loving this response from Jill


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Jill isn’t usually this direct with her followers — but Duggar family critics are loving it.

“Seeing this made me genuinely adore her,” a Reddit user noted. “She’s snarking everyone back!”

“I’m genuinely surprised she was this self-aware, and this snarky, AND able to poke fun at herself,” another wrote. “I wonder if she has always had this personality, just not showed it.”

“She’s drinking piña coladas, sending her kids to public school, making sure her toddler wears a mask, etc,” another added. “I hope that when both kids are in elementary school, Jill takes the opportunity to get an education herself.”

It looks like everyone’s excited to hear more about Jill’s life going forward. And we’re hopeful she’s noticing all the positive commentary and loving all the support she’s getting from fans, too.

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