Jill Duggar’s Followers Worried Her Fishing Outing With Her Kids Was Way Too Unsafe

The Duggars are all taking their own approach to how they’re dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19). And Jill Duggar has been quite vocal with her struggles in finding toilet paper and social distancing measures. Despite all the worries and fears, it seems Jill is still dedicated to making memories with her husband, Derick Dillard, and her two kids, Samuel and Israel. And she recently created a video showing off her latest social distancing outing that included fishing privately with her whole family.

There’s no doubt Jill’s kids adored getting the chance to spend time outdoors and trying out a new activity, especially since they’ve had to stay at home during the coronavirus scare. But many of Jill’s followers didn’t approve of the outing. Here’s what some of her followers noted.

Jill Duggar is partaking in social distancing amidst coronavirus outbreak

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Love cuddles from our babies!

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Prior to social distancing measures, there were plenty of rumors perpetuated by Derick that indicated Jill’s not on good terms with her father, Jim Bob. And this might be making it easier for her to social distance from her family. There’s evidence that shows gatherings were still taking place at the huge Duggar family home — but Jill certainly didn’t attend.

Jill’s also been vocal about her experience dealing with the virus and having her kids at home all day. And she recorded her entire toilet paper-seeking saga for her Dillard Family blog.

“So, amidst the pandemic, we are nearly out of toilet paper. The one item that people are going crazy for,” Jill shared in a video with her sons in the back of her car. Luckily, Jill was able to find some toilet paper at Walmart — and it seems she hasn’t been making many trips outside of her home since then.

She and Derick Dillard took their sons fishing

Jill and Derick are incredibly committed to each other and their family, and they aren’t giving up date nights or family outings just because of the state of the world. Instead, they’re adapting to the times. And the couple decided to take Israel and Samuel fishing for the first time.

“We are getting ready to leave our house. Still practicing social distancing. The boys have been begging to go fishing,” Jill explained to the camera. And Israel jumped up and down in the background with excitement. “I doubt we’ll catch anything today. It’s just more for the fun of it to get out of the house but still practice our social distancing,” she added.

Jill then recorded her family going over to visit Derick’s mother, though they could only see her from afar, as she sat at least six feet away in her backyard. And when the kids finally got to fish, they donned their swimming gear and appeared to have a blast as Derick helped them cast the pole.

Jill’s followers think it would’ve been best to just stay home

It seems Jill is taking social distancing measures seriously. But her followers still aren’t impressed. She posted a short clip of her fishing venture to her Instagram, and her followers took to the comments to express their opinions.

“I know it is hard with 2 little boys, but it is safer to stay home,” one follower wrote. “If anyone had an accident you would be putting unnecessary strain on the already burdened front like workers and health care system. Save these type of activities for when the pandemic is over please.”

“Those puddle jumpers the baby is wearing are SO dangerous. Please realize how many have drowned because of those,” another noted.

Others defended Jill and Derick, though.

“People with kids need to find ways of having fun during this crazy time. They are being safe and practicing social distancing,” yet another added.

We’re sure Jill and Derick are paying attention to the news and taking precautions seriously. And it’s nice to see the family having fun and taking advisories into account despite the backlash they know they’re likely to receive!

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