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Does Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard have a future as an advice columnist? The former Counting On star shared some thoughts on relationships in a recent post on his family’s blog that had some fans nodding their heads in agreement.

Getting over “analysis paralysis”

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

In the post, titled “Confessions of a Christ-Seeking Millennial,” Dillard talked candidly about the “analysis paralysis” he suffered earlier in his life and how his Christian faith helped him get over the fear of risk and making the wrong decisions. 

“[O]ne thing I’ve learned is that I don’t always have to have all the answers, but I do need to trust my God who does,” he wrote.

Dillard talked about some of the risks he’s taken in his life, including trying out for – and ultimate winning – the job of “Pistol Pete,” the mascot at Oklahoma State University, moving to Nepal for two years after college, having children, and deciding to go to law school. 

The risk of waiting for “the one”

Dillard also talked about embarking on a relationship with his wife Jill Duggar. One of the riskiest moves he ever made was “falling in love and marrying my best friend when neither of us knew whether my mom would be alive when we arrived back from our honeymoon,” he wrote in the post.

The dad of two explained that if he had let his analysis paralysis take over, he and Jill may never have gotten married. And he says that he sees many young people in the same position, waiting to get married until they are 100% sure they have found “the one.”

“[O]ne myth I hear going around in the Christian millennial world is this notion of ‘the one.’ Young singles expect to see the clouds part and hear the hallelujah chorus when they meet their soul mate, and if that hasn’t happened, then they believe that they must continue waiting for ‘the one,’” he wrote.

But waiting for “the one” could backfire in a big way,” Dillard says. “If you aren’t married, don’t wait for a perfect person because you’ll just die single,” he wrote.  

“[Y]ou are never going to feel as ‘ready’ as you think you need to be before embarking on the next adventure, whether that be with your career, starting a family, or otherwise,” he added.

Was the post a subtle dig at Jill?

Jill Dillard shared her husband’s post on Instagram, where many followers shared notes of support. “There is no magical ‘the one’. The perfect one is your spouse who brings you closer to God,” wrote one person.

Even Dillard’s mom chimed in. “Wow! SO proud of my son, and his wife!!” she wrote.

But at least one person interpreted Dillard’s words as a sign that he wasn’t totally happy in his marriage. Wrote one person: “[I] hope derick tells/shows his love for you and treats you like a princess, because it sounds like from this writing youre not the love of his life but an adequate choice of spouse.”

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