Jill Duggar’s Husband, Derick Dillard, May Have Just Admitted They Don’t Have Much Money

It’s already been a wild 2020 for the Duggar family. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first brought their 19 kids into the spotlight over a decade ago, all eyes are currently on Jill Duggar. And fans know that she and her husband, Derick Dillard, are no longer regularly featured on Counting On.

Jill and her husband have been bashed for years for their parenting, their marriage, and for asking fans to donate to their various causes. But after Dillard’s recent comments on Instagram that completely expose the Duggars and TLC, he’s also now talking about money. And he may have just admitted to his followers that he and Jill are low on cash.

Derick Dillard came forward with a number of allegations against the Duggars and TLC

Dillard has been a controversial figure in the Duggar’s lives for years. After he got kicked off of Counting On for posting transphobic tweets about Jazz Jennings, fans were completely turned off to what he and Jill had to say. But now, it seems they’re listening, as he recently took to his Instagram comments to expose some of TLC and the Duggar family’s wrongdoings.

According to Dillard, he and Jill were pressured to stay on Counting On despite wanting to leave the show. As he told an Instagram follower, “It’s not going to look good for TLC when it’s exposed that they pressured an abuse victim to continue filming when we tried to quit, just so they could continue with Jill & Jessa: Counting On after 19K&C.”

Not only that, but Dillard also claimed that he and Jill require express permission from Jim Bob before going to the Duggar family home. This may explain why he and Jill are rarely present for family events. And while he maintains that he still loves the Duggars, In Touch Weekly notes he’s still talking about the “legal/financial threats” that hit him and Jill and resulted in the “painful burning of bridges.”

Jill Duggar and her husband have been accused of scamming fans in the past

Duggar drama aside, Jill and her husband have stirred up plenty of controversy without the help of her family. On Jan. 3, Jill posted photos to Instagram showing her family setting up a P.O. box for fan mail. And this reminded many of the times in the past when Jill would seemingly ask fans for donations and money.

Jill and her husband used to share their mission trips with their followers — and they also asked their loyal followers to help them raise the necessary funding. Unfortunately, it seems Dillard and Jill weren’t actually licensed missionaries, which meant the church wouldn’t help them with money. For this reason, they set up various ways their fans could donate to their cause, such as a “monthly pledge of $1 a day.”

Fans grew angry when they noticed the family seemingly wasn’t using the money for mission trips, however. As one angry fan noted, “You left in July for missionary work and in the three months you have been back twice and airfare is thousands! Now you are staying for a month to enjoy family and friends? You are not missionaries; you are grifters asking people for money so you don’t have to work.”

Dillard addressed the money rumors

Before Dillard’s Instagram comments against the Duggars, he noted on Twitter that Jim Bob seemed to control where all the money from the show went, according to In Touch Weekly. Now, money is coming up again. In Touch Weekly notes one fan wrote to Dillard on Instagram, “People were stumped at how you and Jill had no money when this show brings in millions each season.” And Dillard thanked them for bringing this up.

“However, because of certain rumors and criticisms (such as rebuke for raising missionary support when we supposedly had money from being on a tv show) I think it’s important to address certain rumors with those who follow us,” Dillard wrote back.

It looks like the Dillards may not have as much money as fans assumed they did. Considering how often Jill posts sponsored content on her Instagram, it makes sense that they may be looking for other sources of income.

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