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It’s no secret Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 kids, and we’ve heard plenty regarding how the parents budgeted to feed and clothe that many children. And when it came to awarding their kids’ a weekly allowance, the Duggar children didn’t get any free handouts. Instead, they had to work to earn a small sum of money of their own.

Occasionally, Jim Bob will award one of his kids for losing a tooth. But one clip from Counting On shows Jim Bob not being ultra-fair about who gets a reward. Here’s what happened.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t give their kids an allowance

Michelle Duggar (L) and Jim Bob Duggar from TLC's 'Counting On'
Michelle Duggar (L) and Jim Bob Duggar from TLC’s ‘Counting On’ | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

As stated before, Jim Bob and Michelle aren’t fans of an allowance for their kids, and for good reason — it adds up with 19 children in the house. But they can earn bits of income here and there for completing their many chores.

The older Duggars are responsible for helping the younger kids out with school work and making sure the little ones achieve all of their daily duties. And the youngest of the bunch still learn how to make their beds, clean the home, and cook parts of the meals.

On 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars explained they had “chore packs” given to them. “Chore packs are little pieces of paper that have what each of the kids are supposed to do throughout the day,” Jana Duggar explained.

Josie Duggar was awarded $1 for a lost tooth

All the kids are given chores, but it seems the youngest of the bunch, Josie Duggar, might be able to get away with far more than her older siblings. Josie is known as the “miracle” of the family, as she was born three months prematurely and went through many health complications as an infant. Now, she’s doing better than ever — but she certainly gets the most attention from her parents.

A clip from Counting On shows Josie wiggling a tooth loose — and the entire Duggar family is enthralled. To give her extra incentive to remove the tooth, Jim Bob explained he offered to give her $1.

“Hey, I’ll give you a dollar if you pull it out right here,” Jim Bob told Josie in regards to the tooth.

Jim Bob noted he wasn’t going to give the same amount of money to the other kids


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While Josie was offered a dollar, it seems this was against the norm for the Duggars. “We don’t typically give money for every tooth lost,” Jim Bob told the cameras, “but, with Josie’s case, we thought maybe that would motivate her to make it happen.”

Eventually, Josie was able to get the wiggly tooth out — and Jenny, one of the kids slightly older than Josie, told her parents she also recently lost a tooth but didn’t receive a dollar compensation.

“So, after we offered Josie a dollar to help her get her tooth out, then Jenny came up and said, ‘Hey, I just lost a tooth yesterday.’ So, then I gave her a dollar,” Jim Bob explained. “And then it looked like Jordan was over there working on a few of her teeth trying to wiggle them out.”

It seems the dollar-per-tooth rule isn’t for every tooth on every kid. But, in Josie’s case, she might get more incentives than the rest.

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