Jim Bob Duggar Has a Waterproof Bible and Has Held Bible Study in His Bathtub

The Duggars have been on TV for over a decade, and everyone knows them for their ultra-religious ways. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their kids to trust in the Bible for all of life’s answers. And their faith has also dictated what their kids can wear, watch, listen to, or attend.

We know Jim Bob, Michelle, and all of their 19 kids have read the scripture — but it seems Jim Bob has his own waterproof Bible to read while taking a bath. Not only that, but he admitted to holding Bible study while in his bathtub.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their kids to be ultra-religious

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar | Matt McClain/ The Washington Post

The Duggars are devout Baptists, and they use their faith to inform all decisions in their lives big or small. When their oldest kids were growing up, Jim Bob and Michelle explained the girls had a strict dress code they had to follow in order to maintain their modesty. The girls were only allowed to wear long skirts (no pants), and their tops had to cover their shoulders and most of their neckline.

The Duggar kids were also all homeschooled as well, as it gave Jim Bob and Michelle more opportunities to teach them scripture. And when it came to after-school activities, competitive sports weren’t allowed. Instead, arts and crafts, as well as learning an instrument, was encouraged. Listening to modern music or consuming modern television programming also was prohibited.

The most controversial Duggar rules surround courtships. Jim Bob and Michelle believe in “courtships” instead of dating around, and their kids aren’t allowed to hug, kiss, or touch their future spouse until their wedding day.

Jim Bob Duggar has allegedly held Bible studies in his bathtub

Jim Bob Duggar
Jim Bob Duggar | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

It looks like Michelle and Jim Bob have held Bible study in some unusual places. Reddit users found an old clip of the couple being asked questions about each other. And the person asking the questions behind the camera said to Michelle, “What is the craziest place you and Jim Bob ever had Bible study?”

To that, Michelle gave Jim Bob a knowing look. “I don’t know,” she said. “I have no idea.”

Then, Jim Bob lifted up a card that had “Bathtub” written on it.

“In the bathtub!” he exclaimed. “I have a waterproof Bible.”

“He does!” Michelle laughed.

Critics from Reddit were shocked by Jim Bob’s answer, too. “I’m at a complete loss of words … Like … WHO SPECIFICALLY SEEKS OUT A WATERPROOF BIBLE?!” one commented.

The Duggar parents also have their kids handwrite Bible passages at home


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We’re not sure if any of the Duggar kids have waterproof Bibles. But we do know they have plenty of handwritten Bible passages thanks to their homework given to them by their parents.

Back in September 2020, the Duggar Family social media pages posted about some schoolwork for the kids. “For handwriting practice, we have our children do ‘Bible Copy,’ which is writing out passages of Scripture!” the post reads. “I pray that God’s Word will sink deeply into their little hearts and will stay with them all the days of their lives!”

The post, of course, had varying responses — but it seems Jim Bob and Michelle received a lot of support from fans for their idea.

“IDK how I feel about the Bible copying,” one Instagram user commented, “it doesn’t sit right with me.”

We’re sure the current fall school schedule is filled with Bible copying no matter what the critics think. As for Bible study in the bathtub, we haven’t heard about it since.

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