Who Is Jimmy in ‘Virgin River’? A Fan Theory Suggests He Shot Jack

Virgin River is a drama series that premiered in December 2019. It presents the story of Mel, who has to discover the issues around living in a new area, a small town in California. She has to move on from her past and lead a better life, even if she faces challenges. The show is intriguing for its elements of mystery, suspense, and romance to the plotline. The main characters are very lovable, and viewers feel like they get to know them personally through their day-to-day activities on the small-screen. Currently, fans are speculating about the character of Jimmy, played by Ian Tracey.

Who is Jimmy in ‘Virgin River’?

Ian Tracey as Remo in 'Bates Motel'
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Who is Jimmy? This question has been on every viewer’s mind since Jack’s shooting. Fans are trying to figure out who could have done it and what role the shooter will play in Virgin River. There is contention like the issue of Todd, who would have wanted Jack dead to get a hold of Charmaine.

Jimmy is a mysterious character in the series Virgin River. According to HITC, Jimmy is described as Calvin’s right-hand man, as he usually helps out in handling issues around town. The mysterious part of his identity comes from how little fans know about him because no one can seem to remember his last name. However, some fans are more curious about who shot Jack rather than Jimmy’s actual role on the show. The shooting leaves viewers wondering what will happen with his character and the overall series during this period. There is certainly a lot of drama to be explored while he recovers, but adding another mysterious element to the storyline keeps fans intrigued about future episodes.

Why do ‘Virgin River’ fans think Jimmy shot Jack?

 Virgin River fans think Jimmy shot Jack because he was in the scene and because of details like:

  • Jimmy looked at the man on his left before taking a gun from under his seat. He pointed it across to the other side, aiming at someone. The camera didn’t show who he aimed at, but we can assume that his target was Jack.
  • The shooter turned the gun to his left again. He then fires more shots before some men tackle him. They happened to be in the diner at that time.
  • No one noticed Jimmy leaving after all this chaos had settled down. He didn’t wait around for an interview with Detective Burdick or anything like that.
  • You can see Jimmy in the background when they show Mark on TV. You don’t get to hear what he says because of screaming children in the studio audience. This scene is probably why some people thought that it might be Jimmy speaking instead.

What have the showrunners said about who shot Jack?

The Virgin River showrunners believe that no one will be able to guess who shot Jack. They have also stated that the shooter’s identity is irrelevant to what happens in future episodes. So far, Brady’s arrest for Jack’s shooting is due to his weak alibi. It is still unclear whether there will be charges placed against him. We can only expect exciting things when it comes to figuring out who did it. In the meantime, we can continue guessing!

What are the other shows that Ian Tracey has appeared in?

Ian Tracey plays the character of Jimmy in Virgin River. He is also part of other shows like Travelers, The 100, and Continuum. He also appeared in several successful movies like Sunshine, Red Riding Hood, and Daydream Nation, which you can find on Netflix right now.

In Travelers, he plays the role of Vincent Ingram, an individual from the future but has been sent back to the present day without his memories. Ingram teams up with FBI agent Grant MacCormack (played by Eric McCormack) to solve this time travel conspiracy.

The 100 is a dystopian science fiction show starring Eliza Taylor and Henry Ian Cusick as they try to survive after their space stations are knocked out of orbit and end up on a planet.

In Continuum, he plays the role of Matthew Kellog, who is also from the future. However, he ends up in the present day without his memories or technology, which means he has to work with Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols). The time travel concept in these shows makes these storylines quite complex!

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