Why Jin Didn’t Dance With the Other BTS Members During Their 2022 Grammy Performance of ‘Butter’

Jin was recovering from a finger injury during BTS’ Permission to Dance on Stage concerts in Las Vegas. He also performed a less intense version of “Butter” for the 2022 Grammy Awards, taking on the role of a computer wiz for the performance. 

BTS performed a spy version of ‘Butter’ during the 2022 Grammy Awards

Jin of BTS performs onstage during the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Jin of BTS performs onstage during the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards | Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

In addition to earning a Grammy nomination in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category, BTS performed at this 2022 award ceremony, showcasing a unique version of “Butter.” That included spy-inspired choreography and all-black outfits. 

Some ARMYs even dubbed it one of the best performances of the night. Unfortunately, the oldest member of the K-pop group, Jin, was seated away from Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, and RM for this performance. 

Why didn’t Jin dance with the other BTS members during the 2022 Grammy Awards

Instead of dodging lasers and doing card tricks, Jin sat away from the other BTS members during the 2022 Grammy performance. He was behind the controls, acting as the “guy in the chair” for the other idols. 

Although Jin hid his finger for most of the performance, some viewers noticed a bandage on this idol’s hand. Jin’s unique role in the “Butter” performance was primarily because of an injury to his finger. 

This idol still sang his lines from “Butter.” However, he avoided choreography to avoid further injury. This injury wouldn’t be BTS’ only hiccup in the performance, as J-Hope and Jungkook tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) days before the award ceremony. 

Jin performed ‘limited’ choreography at the ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concerts

Around the same time this K-pop group performed at the Grammy Awards, they also prepared for their mini-residency at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium. This was in conjunction with the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts. (The K-pop group first highlighted this show at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium).

With Jin’s injured finger, this idol couldn’t perform the complex choreography to the fullest extent. Some ARMYs even noticed the purple mitten he wore to cover his hand. 

“Jin had injured his left index finger as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged and underwent surgery to repair the extensor in the finger,” the Weverse announcement read. “It was the opinion of the medical personnel that Jin should refrain from vigorous movement as any impact on his finger… while he is still recovering from the injury…”

“While the artist himself strongly wished to participate in the performance in full, our company has decided to follow physician advice and minimize Jin’s movements during the ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – Las Vegas’ concerts on all the above mentioned dates,” the statement continues. “As a result, Jin’s choreography and stage performance will be limited to a certain extent. We ask for your understanding and support from all our fans.”

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