Jinger Duggar Claimed Death Is ‘Unnatural,’ and Duggar Family Followers Have Serious Questions

Jinger Duggar attained fame via TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. But now, she and Jeremy Vuolo are seriously branching out from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The couple is paving their own path in Los Angeles, and Jinger’s making notable strides toward finding her own sense of style and parenting methods. And now, it looks like Jinger and Jeremy are well on their way to becoming successful podcasters.

Jinger and Jeremy’s podcast appears to be quite rooted in their faith. And family followers noticed Jinger said something about death being “unnatural” in the first podcast episode launched. Here’s what Duggar critics have to say about it.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo created a podcast

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Those who’ve been keeping up with Jinger and Jeremy shouldn’t be surprised the two started a podcast. Since moving out to Los Angeles, Jinger’s been trying to attain status as an Instagram influencer — but it hasn’t been going over too well. She’s lost multiple partnerships due to her association with her famous family’s beliefs. Despite it all, she continues to press on — and that’s where the podcast comes in.

“It’s official official, @jeremy_vuolo and I launched a podcast!” Jinger announced to Instagram in June 2020. “I hope this will allow us to connect and share in a more meaningful way, along with sharing hope and encouragement with you all.”

As for the purpose of the podcast, Jinger gave more info on another Instagram post. “We are taking suggestions from all of you! We created this podcast as a way to connect more with you all here in our online community, and to spread the message of joy and hope,” she wrote.

Jinger said death is ‘unnatural’ on her podcast

It should come to no surprise that Jinger and Jeremy focus heavily on their Christian faith with their podcast. And some Reddit users gave their opinions of the first episode.

According to Reddit, Jinger and Jeremy focus mainly on talking about their religious beliefs and how that intercepts with the current state of the world. And it seems Jeremy might be the one leading the way in the discussions. “Jeremy goes off on multiple uninterrupted monologues about Jesus, pausing maybe once to say ‘right?’ in faux acknowledgment to Jinger,” a Reddit user wrote.

The original poster also noted Jinger’s remark about death being “unnatural.” “We feel how unnatural this is. Murder is unnatural. Injustice is unnatural. Death, itself, is unnatural,” they reported Jinger said.

Some Christians believe death is an unnatural process

So, did Jinger really mean it when she said death is “unnatural”? It seems she did. According to The Nashville News, scripture indicates that all death is unnatural and death was not originally part of God’s plan. “Romans chapter 5 tells us that death came into the world through the rebellion of Adam and Eve, choosing to eat the fruit God told them not to eat,” the source notes.

Reddit users picked up on this as well.

“Is it a fundie thing to think death is unnatural?” a user asked. “They believe that death is a thing because eve took a bite of forbidden fruit, does that mean they equate death as unnatural?”

“‘Death is unnatural’ is a pretty standard Christian belief,” a Reddit user answered. “It sounds weird, but it isn’t a uniquely vapid statement that Jinger came up with herself. Conservative Christians believe that pain, suffering, and death are not part of how nature was originally designed to work, and death only entered the world after Adam and Eve sinned.”

While Jinger may be going her own way with her living situation and style, she’s certainly still following the fundamental beliefs she grew up with.

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