Jinger Duggar Dons a Dodgers Face Mask, But Debate Erupts Over Whether She’s Keeping Daughter Felicity Safe

Jinger Duggar and her family are staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic — and showing their support for their local baseball team in the process. 

On April 8, Jinger shared a photo of herself, husband Jeremy Vuolo, and their 1-year-old daughter Felicity. Jinger and Jeremy are wearing Los Angeles Dodgers face masks, as is Felicity’s doll. But Felicity herself is mask-free. And that had some people very concerned.  

Fans love that Jinger is showing L.A. pride  

Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles from Laredo, Texas last summer. Since taking up residence in Southern California, they’ve embraced their new hometown, exploring the city’s restaurants, beaches, and other sights. Now, they’re showing their support for the Dodgers, who have called the city home since 1958. 

The Counting On couple’s Dodgers face masks are homemade, Jeremy confirmed, telling fans that a friend sewed them. The city of Los Angeles recently started requiring everyone to wear a mask when they head out in public in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

People on Jinger’s Instagram loved that she and Jeremy were staying safe in a fun way.   

“Look at you guys taking on the whole Los Angeles experience, with the Dodgers mask. Love it,” one wrote. 

“Yay you’re baseball fans of the best team ever!!” another commented. 

But a few people chided Jeremy, who is originally from Pennsylvania, for not supporting the Phillies. Another joked that perhaps Felicity didn’t want to wear a Dodgers mask because she’s really an Angels fan.

Some were seriously worried about Felicity’s safety

JInger and Jeremy with Felicity
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | jingervuolo via Instagram

In her post, Jinger noted that Felicity “wasn’t a huge fan” of her mask. Instead, her doll — who “wasn’t taking any chances” — wore a face covering. 

Even though the little girl wasn’t wearing a mask, many commenters on Instagram were quick to let Jinger know that small children shouldn’t wear masks (per CDC guidelines). 

“No child under two years old should be wearing a mask. Just a heads up,” admonished one person. 

“Very cute! But kids younger than 2 SHOULD NOT WEAR MASKS! They can suffocate!” warned another concerned individual. 

Though Felicity is not wearing a mask in the photo Jinger shared, a post on Jeremy’s Instagram shows him holding a mask over her mouth and nose. But many people defended Jinger and Jeremy, saying that they likely knew about the CDC guidance on masks for small children.

“OK people… children under 2 shouldn’t wear one… but that doesn’t require 50+ posts about it!” wrote one person. 

Is Jinger a Disney fan now?

A few other commenters also took note of Felicity’s doll and pajamas. The toy looks like a Belle doll from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and she’s also wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas. It seems like Jinger might eventually be embracing another Southern California tradition: trips to Disneyland (when the park reopens, that is).

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