Jinger Duggar Is Giving Away $8,000 Cash on a Separate Instagram Account, and Everyone’s Confused

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar used to be the ones in the spotlight — but now, it’s their 19 kids who are stealing the show. And we’re all curious about Jinger Duggar and how she’s doing in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and daughter, Felicity.

According to Jinger’s Instagram, it looks like she’s thriving in the big city. She’s more stylish than ever, and she’s exploring all the major sights in L.A. But it seems she’s having some trouble establishing herself as a successful influencer. And now, she created a new Instagram just for giving away money to her fans who participate in her giveaway — and everyone’s confused by the whole thing. Here’s what she’s up to.

Jinger Duggar continues to struggle to maintain partnerships via social media

Those who’ve been keeping a close eye on Jinger are paying attention to her failed partnerships. Like so many other adult Duggars who have their own social media, Jinger is attempting to become an influencer, and we’ve seen her partner up with a number of businesses for product promotion and giveaways. But many haven’t worked out well for her.

Jinger’s partnership with Fonuts was a well-known disaster. While she teamed up with the local donut shop to create her own donut creation, fans wrote into Fonuts asking that they stop working with Jinger due to everything problematic the Duggars stand for.

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” the Fonuts owners stated after dropping Jinger. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

Fonuts aside, Rebecca Minkoff and Ruggable, also worked with Jinger at one point, but it seems they dropped her, too.

She created a new Instagram account just to give away $8,000

Jinger Duggar's giveaway Instagram Story
Jinger Duggar’s giveaway Instagram Story | jgiftingtoyou via Instagram

Jinger hasn’t had too much luck with her partnerships, but she’s not giving up just yet. She created an Instagram, jgiftingtoyou, that has one massive photo of her holding Felicity and advertising an $8,000 giveaway. On May 17, she took to her Instagram Story for the account to explain the purpose of it all.

“During these difficult days, I just wanted to find a way to say thank you,” Jinger explained in her Story with Felicity in her arms. “So, check this out — I’m doing a gift giveaway, and two of you will receive $4,000 each. So, I’m picking two winners, and that’s a total of $8,000. And so, it’s money that you can do anything you’d like to with. So, maybe it’s paying the bills during this difficult time, or rent, or maybe you need a new car, whatever. I just want it to be a blessing to you.”

As for how participants can enter, Jinger explains that those who want to enter for the money need to follow all the accounts that jgiftingtoyou is following, which is 44 accounts. And bonus entries can be submitted if participants like and comment something on the last three Instagram posts on every account Jinger’s following.

Family critics think the whole thing’s a scam


Jinger Duggar’s Followers Think Her Video of Her Daughter Dancing Proves She’s Trying to Save Face With Sponsors

It’s not every day that a Duggar creates an entirely new Instagram just for a giveaway. And it has family critics questioning the validity of the entire operation.

“Sounds like a scam that she somehow got roped Into,” one Reddit user noted.

“It’s probably a loop giveaway, which is a loosely giveaway based way to get more followers,” another noted. “It depends on who you are, but it’s likely that they paid some amount to a company to be part of the giveaway with the strategy being that all the accounts get more followers because everyone that is part of the giveaway gets their followers to follow other accounts.”

Another guessed, “it’s probably a buy in giveaway where all the 40 accounts put in a certain amount of money. it’s a trick used to up engagement and followers.”

It looks like Jinger removed a link out to this new account on her personal account, too, so we’re not sure what that’s about. We’ll have to wait and see what she has planned next.

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