Jinger Duggar Just Posted a Photo From Her Visit to See Her Family Almost Two Weeks Later

The Duggars have been on our radar for years. Now that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are adults with families of their own, the dynamic amongst them is even more interesting. And Jinger Duggar is one we’re all curious about, as she was the first of the Duggar kids to move far away from Arkansas and to the West Coast.

There have been plenty of rumors that Jinger wants to separate herself from her family. But that doesn’t appear to be the case, as she visited her parents and siblings at the end of February 2020. We’ve seen many photos of her visit thanks to her siblings’ Instagrams — but Jinger just posted a photo on March 11 showing off her visit.

Jinger Duggar’s sisters documented her visit on Instagram

Many of the older Duggar sisters are close in age — and now that they have their own social media accounts, fans typically see tons of photos and videos when they’re together. On Feb. 29, Jessa posted a photo of all of her sisters, including Jinger, except for two. And she then included another photo set showing her sisters and sisters-in-law shopping together at Target. The Target outing also included Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, John-David’s wife, Abbie, and even some of the little ones.

Fans had plenty of questions surrounding why Jinger would be visiting her siblings. And there were even more eyebrows raised when Jessa posted multiple photos showing Jill Duggar was also part of the group hangout.

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, took to Instagram at the end of 2019 to slam Jill’s parents. And many have assumed Jill was already on the outs, as she never attends other family events. But she was present for the sister get-together.

Jinger also spent time with her brother, Jedidiah

Jinger didn’t just spend time with her sisters during her visit. Jedidiah Duggar still lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, and he posted a photo showing him and Jinger in an ice rink having some fun while she was in her home state.

“Enjoyed having my sister @jingervuolo and niece in town this weekend! It was great to get back out on the ice together in a game of Broomball,” Jed captioned his post. “You’ve still got it, sis! Come back again soon!”

Jinger has certainly changed up her look quite a bit since moving out to Los Angeles. And many of Jed’s followers had to do a double-take when looking at the photo, as they thought Jinger may have been a woman he was courting instead.

“I didn’t recognise Jinger, I thought it was a courtship!!! Lol,” a follower commented.

She’s just posting a single photo in March from her visit weeks prior

Jinger didn’t post any photos from her trip back home when it was happening, so we were living through her sisters, parents, and brother for more information. Now, it seems Jinger is sharing one snippet of her time at home with her followers. She posted a group photo of her with Joy-Anna, Jessa, Jill, and Jana that was taken during her stay.

“Though we live hundreds of miles apart, these girls will always be close to my heart. Thankful to God for sisters and sweet times together!” she captioned the post.

It’s unclear why Jinger waited so long to post — but we do know that her Instagram seems to be more carefully curated than her sisters’. And she may have waited to post simply for the aesthetic of her ‘gram.

Her followers have noticed her staged content on her Instagram, too. And they slammed a video of Felicity running in front of Jinger as they took a stroll down the sidewalk.

We know Jinger appears to have influencer aspirations, so perhaps that’s also part of the reason why she’s not posting too many photos of her family back in Arkansas. Her family name has cost her partnerships in the past. And we’re not sure if this means we’ll be seeing a lot less of her parents and siblings on her Instagram going forward.

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