Jinger Duggar Just Posted Even More Sponsored Content to Her Instagram — and Jill Duggar Loves It

Many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older kids are on Instagram — and one of the most talked-about is Jinger Duggar. Jinger flew the coup with husband Jeremy Vuolo all the way out to Los Angeles, and the two seem to be thriving in their new environment. But Jinger’s facing some major roadblocks as an Instagram influencer. While she keeps trying to attain partnerships and give money away to her followers, it doesn’t seem to be working.

It looks like Jinger still has her family supporting her endeavors, though. And Jill just reached out on Jinger’s Instagram to show her support for her sponsorships. Here’s what we noticed.

Jinger Duggar keeps trying to get into sponsored content for social media

Traditionally, the Duggar women don’t work, as they’re the ones who take care of the children and the home. But many of them are trying to make a few extra bucks with sponsored content — and Jinger is no exception. She’s had sponsorships with Ruggable, Fonuts, Rebecca Minkoff, and many other products and apps that she’s advertised on her Instagram. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had much luck with any of it.

Jinger’s most infamous sponsorship gone wrong may be with Fonuts. The Los Angeles donut shop gave Jinger her own donut — but they quickly terminated her sponsorship once they realized who the Duggars were.

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” the founders of Fonuts stated on their Instagram after ditching Jinger. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

Shortly after the Fonuts debacle, Jinger also had her appearance with Rebecca Minkoff canceled — and it was likely due to similar backlash.

She had a separate Instagram account for giving away money

Despite some setbacks, it looks like Jinger is still determined to make it as an influencer. And she even created her own Instagram account meant for giveaways, jgiftingtoyou.

The account had a huge tiled photo of Jinger holding Felicity, and it advertised that Jinger would be giving cash prizes away to her followers. In order for her followers to be eligible, they also had to be following the same accounts the jgiftingtoyou account followed though.

“During these difficult days, I just wanted to find a way to say thank you,” Jinger explained on the account’s Instagram Story. “So, check this out — I’m doing a gift giveaway, and two of you will receive $4,000 each. So, I’m picking two winners, and that’s a total of $8,000. And so, it’s money that you can do anything you’d like to with.”

It seems the account doesn’t exist anymore, though. We’re not sure if Jinger carried on with the giveaway or if she deleted the account before it finished.

Jill Duggar just gave support for Jinger’s latest sponsored post


Jinger Duggar Is Advertising Yet Another Product After Multiple Partnership Failures

Jinger’s at it again with yet another sponsored post. On May 23, she added a photo of her and Jeremy to her Instagram — and she advertised a giveaway.

“Jeremy and I are giving away a DATE NIGHT to 20 couples! Date nights are a lot harder in quarantine, and we wanted to do something fun to say thank you for following along with us here,” she wrote. And she then added the qualifications for entering.

Jinger’s followers are already slamming her for another giveaway. But Jill’s showing her support. “Such a great idea! Love this!” she commented with hearts.

To that, Jinger commented back with heart emojis. But another follower added, “it’s a scam, they’re just doing it for followers.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Jinger followers through with this post’s promise — or perhaps Jill will start adding more sponsored content to her Instagram.

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