Jinger Duggar Managed to Find a New Paid Partnership Despite Getting Snubbed in the Past

Jinger Duggar is prepping for the birth of her second child with Jeremy Vuolo — but that’s not all she’s up to. The Counting On star is advertising a new sponsorship to her Instagram. And this certainly isn’t the first time she’s pushed advertisements on to her fans.

When it comes to paid sponsorships, Jinger doesn’t have the best track record, either. Here’s what’s going on with her current partnership and what we know from her past.

Jinger Duggar has a new partnership with NordicTrack

Jinger Duggar's Instagram Stories
Jinger Duggar’s Instagram Stories | Jinger Duggar via Instagram Stories

While Jinger is busily prepping for the arrival of her baby, she’s still getting her exercise in. She took to her Instagram Stories on Nov. 19 to promote her new partnership with NordicTrack.

“Hey guys! I want to tell you about my new treadmill,” she told her camera while standing on her NordicTrack treadmill. “I’m super excited about it. It’s the best treadmill I’ve ever used. What I love about it is that they have so many options, places I can run or walk. And you will never get bored!”

Jinger then explained how the piece of exercise equipment works, as it comes complete with a touchscreen. “This is connected with iFit trainer and it tracks every minute, every calorie … it will be tracking all of your data and all of your progress.”

“I am currently hiking in the Grand Canyon. As you can see here, beautiful scenery around!” she continued while walking. “And this actually inclines to whatever I’m walking on. And so it’s perfect for this stage of pregnancy, too. Because it’s just enough exercise, not too crazy, but it’ll give you a workout.”

Jinger then instructed her fans to “swipe up” for their NordicTrack discount.

Multiple sponsors have canceled their partnerships with Jinger

This might be the first sponsored post by Jinger pushing an exercise machine, but it’s far from her first paid sponsorship. Jinger’s partnered with a donut company, a rug company, and clothing designers in the past. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had much luck. While Jinger initially gets many sponsorships, her sponsors often drop her after hearing about the controversies the other Duggars have caused.

One of Jinger’s most infamous sponsorships gone wrong was with Fonuts. The small donut shop gave Jinger her own donut and promoted her on social media. But they then revoked the sponsorship and posted an apology.

“We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” Fonuts wrote. “We were shocked and dismayed to learn about who we were associating with. We recognize we really made a mistake by not properly researching them.”

Jinger deleted the account she made for fan giveaways


Jinger Duggar’s Followers Think Her Latest Advertisement Is Laughably Unconvincing

Not only does Jinger have a number of failed partnerships behind her, but she also created a special Instagram account just for fan giveaways.

“During these difficult days, I just wanted to find a way to say thank you,” Jinger explained via her Instagram Stories in May 2020. “So, check this out — I’m doing a gift giveaway, and two of you will receive $4,000 each. So, I’m picking two winners, and that’s a total of $8,000. And so, it’s money that you can do anything you’d like to with.”

We’re not sure if the giveaway ever actually happened, as Jinger deleted the account, jgiftingtoyou. While her heart seems to be in the right place, we imagine she got just as much backlash for the giveaway as she’s gotten for her other sponsorships.

It seems she’s pressing on no matter what, though. And Jill, Anna, Joy-Anna, and Kendra Duggar continue to post their sponsorships to Instagram as well.

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