Jinger Duggar Removed a Video of Her and Jeremy Vuolo From Her Instagram Feed After Severe Backlash

The Duggars have been on our radar for years, and it’s Jinger Duggar who’s getting all the attention now. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are living in Los Angeles with their young daughter, Felicity. And they frequently post content to Instagram to show off their fabulous city life that’s a total departure from how Jinger grew up.

Recently, Jinger posted a Q&A session she had with Jeremy to her Instagram for all to see. The couple asked each other “would you rather?”-style questions, and the video had plenty of views. But Jinger received a lot of backlash for the video from those who watch her social media content, and it seems she removed it from her main feed.

Jinger Duggar’s Instagram content is highly curated

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Many of the older Duggar kids have Instagrams, but Jinger’s certainly appears the most polished. She’s often posting photos that show her posing with Felicity, and her outfits are always on point. There’s no doubt Jinger’s loving the city life, as it comes with plenty of glitz and glamour. But many of her followers also think her content is too curated, as none of it seems natural anymore.

Even her posts dedicated to Jeremy have had many wondering what their marriage is really like. On April 28, Jinger posted a posed photo with Jeremy along with the caption, “Two people, joined together as one; two souls bound in a commitment of love and loyalty. Marriage is a beautiful reality.” And her other posts dedicated to her marriage have many wondering what’s really going on behind the scenes.

There’s also a good chance Jinger wants her Instagram to look pristine because she’s hoping for a life as an influencer. But we also know that’s not going very well for her so far.

She posted a ‘Would You Rather?’ Q&A with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy aren’t shy about sharing their love. And they also host Q&A sessions on their Instagram to get their followers to learn more about them. While the couple was quarantined, they decided to post a “Would You Rather?” video — and it featured questions they each asked each other.

“It’s J and J Q&A, still from L.A., still from the lockdown, but this is the ‘Would You Rather?’ version,” Jeremy tells the camera. And he then dives right in with a question for Jinger.

Unfortunately, Jinger isn’t able to finish all of the questions she’s asked, as Jeremy swoops in with his own answers before she can complete her thoughts. Not only does Jeremy interrupt her, but he also argues with her answers — and her fans noticed.

“Jeremy, can you just accept Jinger’s answers without having to question it! SHEESH!” a follower commented.

Jinger took the video off her feed

It looks like Jinger may read the comments to her videos. Many of her followers called out Jeremy for talking over her. And she since removed the video from her everyday Instagram feed.

The Q&As aren’t gone completely, though. Now, they’re lying in Jinger’s IGTV area on her Instagram — but they’re certainly not advertised. She even has a part two of the “Would You Rather?” questions she created with Jeremy, but there’s no evidence from her normal Instagram feed that it exists.

Instead of focusing on the videos of her and Jeremy, Jinger’s been reflecting on motherhood, her morning routine, and life under lockdown. As for Jeremy, he posted a sweet tribute to Jinger on Mother’s Day and another lovely photo of Jinger prior to that. But he hasn’t posted a Q&A of him and Jinger in quite some time.

So, did Jinger really remove the video from her feed due to backlash, or is she just cleaning up her Instagram for the aesthetic and keeping all of her IGTV videos in a separate place? We may never know. But we’re curious to see if she’ll produce more videos like it anytime soon.

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