Jinger Duggar Thinks It’s ‘Awkward’ That Jessa Duggar Eats This 1 Food on Her Date Nights

The Duggars are known for their young courtships, quick engagements, and rushed marriages. While the family gets a lot of flack for how they date, the couples seem truly happy. And there’s no doubt Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, make a great team when it comes to parenting their three kids.

While Jessa and Ben make their children a priority, they still go out on date nights. And Jinger Duggar thinks one of Jessa’s favorite date-night meals is a strange choice. Here’s what she said.

Jessa Duggar went on frequent date nights with Ben Seewald prior to having kids

Jessa and Ben are busy chasing around their three kids now. But after their first son, Spurgeon, was born, Jessa and Ben were still committed to going on regular date nights quite a few times a week and connecting as a couple.

“Before Spurgeon was born, Jessa and Ben would pretty much go out on dates, seemed like every day,” Jinger told the cameras. Ben then explained that he and Jessa tried to have “regular date nights” before Spurgeon was born, too — though a bigger effort needs to be made after having children.

It seems Jessa and Ben were committed to staying connected as a couple, though — and that meant taking Spurgeon with them on a few dates. The couple went to a local taco place owned by friends of theirs. “It may not be the most romantic lighting and the most quiet setting, but they provide meals for children in Central America,” Ben explained. “So, each meal they sell, a lot of that money goes to feeding hungry kids.”

Jinger Duggar said 1 of Jessa’s date night meals is an ‘awkward’ choice

While Ben knew going to get tacos wasn’t the most romantic date ever, Jessa still explained her love of the food.

“I love tacos,” Jessa confessed to the camera. Unfortunately, while Jinger might agree that tacos are delicious, she doesn’t believe they’re good date-night food. In fact, Jinger explained how she thinks tacos are an “awkward” choice because of how messy they are to eat.

“Tacos can be a rather awkward food to have to go out on a date,” Jinger said. “I guess it depends on what stage of your relationship you’re in,” she added.

Jessa doesn’t agree at all, though. She told the cameras she thinks the taco place was a “romantic date location,” and there’s no doubt she’d go again.

Jinger’s dates with Jeremy Vuolo range from casual to lavish


Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Celebrate His Birthday with a Classy Date Night

While Jessa doesn’t mind eating messy foods on her date nights, it seems Jinger doesn’t feel the same. But Jinger still enjoys grabbing a bite to eat with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. In Touch Weekly notes Jinger posted a photo of her and Jeremy grabbing a few ice cream cones on a date in November 2020.

The ice cream is quite lowkey compared to their dates of the past. Back in 2019, the couple went to The Hollywood Bowl to see the Mozart Under the Stars performed, according to Jinger’s Instagram. Considering how dapper they both looked on the special night, we doubt any tacos were involved.

It looks like Jessa and Jinger will always have seriously differing opinions when it comes to what makes a romantic night out on the town. But now that Jinger and Jeremy’s second child is on the way, we’ll have to wait and see if they decide to dial back their lavish date nights to casual evenings.

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