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We’ve been watching Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids for years — and now that many of the couple’s 19 children are all grown up, they have social media platforms of their own.

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are quite open with their followers when it comes to their lives. The two moved to Los Angeles with their young daughter, Felicity, and have been thriving ever since. From Instagram Q&A sessions to updates on their parenting choices to Jinger’s new California style, there’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to these two.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. A recent “Would You Rather?” video of Jinger and Jeremy has Jinger’s followers thinking Jeremy’s disrespecting her. Here’s why.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s marriage is questioned often

Fans and critics alike wonder what Jinger and Jeremy’s marriage is really like. On the surface, the two seem like a real team as they raise their daughter, Felicity, in a faith-based household. But many suspect Jinger’s actually in an unhealthy situation with her husband due to how their marriage is presented on Instagram.

On April 28, Jinger posted a sweet photo of her and Jeremy. “Two people, joined together as one; two souls bound in a commitment of love and loyalty. Marriage is a beautiful reality,” she captioned the post. But some thought they wouldn’t have to post all about their love and happiness if it was there organically.

Not only that, but others think Jeremy may have wandering eyes. An Instagram Live video from mid-December 2019 appeared to show Jeremy following a blonde woman with his gaze while he was out with Jinger, and it caught the attention of many Duggar critics.

They created a ‘Would You Rather?’ video while in quarantine

Despite quarantining due to coronavirus (COVID-19), Jeremy and Jinger are still creating fun content for their Instagram. On April 30, they created a “Would You Rather?” video that’s quite long. And they ask each other silly questions while sitting next to each other in their home.

“It’s J and J Q&A, still from L.A., still from the lockdown, but this is the ‘Would You Rather?’ version,” Jeremy explains to the camera. And he starts with a question for Jinger.

Unfortunately, as soon as Jinger starts, Jeremy starts interrupting her with additional scenarios and thoughts of his own.

“Would you rather have all dogs attack you when they see you, or all birds try to attack you when they see you?” Jeremy asks.

To that, Jinger answered birds. “I’d rather be attacked by a bird than a dog,” Jinger noted. But Jeremy had plenty of questions after regarding her answer. And he then interrupted her to explain what he would do in either attack scenario.

Jinger’s followers think the video shows Jeremy acting disrespectfully

Every time Jinger goes to answer one of Jeremy’s questions in the video, he appears to cut her off with jokes, answers of his own, or additional questions to invalidate her answer. And Jinger’s followers noticed.

“Jeremy, can you just accept Jinger’s answers without having to question it! SHEESH!” one follower commented on the Instagram video.

“I feel like Jeremy had to argue with every one of her answers,” another wrote.

“Jeremy I do feel like you questioned Jingers answers alot. I think from a husband you should hold back on that more because it can tear a woman down,” another wrote. “I know you probably aren’t doing it in purpose but just so maybe you can look back on this and see it for yourself.”

We’re not sure if either Jinger or Jeremy are bothered by the behavior in the video. We imagine they’ll pay it no mind and continue posting videos just like this in the future.

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