Jinger Duggar’s Followers Think Her Latest Advertisement Is Laughably Unconvincing

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar certainly made a lot of money through their years of reality TV. But now, it’s their kids’ turns to put cash in the bank — and many are shying away from depending on the TV paycheck and going for sponsorships and advertisements.

Jinger Duggar has gone full-force into the land of paid sponsorships. From donut shops to rugs to makeup-removing brushes, she’s promoted it all on her Instagram — though it doesn’t seem to be panning out for her. And her recent advertisement is really rubbing Duggar family critics the wrong way, as it’s clear she’s phoning it in.

Jinger Duggar appears to have had more partnership failures than any other Duggar

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When Jinger moved out to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and her young daughter, Felicity, fans knew she was going to try and make a new life for herself. Unfortunately, while she may try to live the life of an influencer, it’s coming with mixed results. It seems Jinger’s had a fair number of ad partners, but they appear to frequently fair.

Jinger’s biggest debacle may be with Los Angeles-based donut company, Fonuts. Fans wrote into Fonuts and complained about what the Duggar’s have promoted in the past, like bigotry and pro-life sentiments, and the company dropped the partnership and publicly apologized. “We apologize for our recent poor choice of promotional partner,” Fonuts founders stated.

Jinger hasn’t stopped trying since then, though. She created her own Instagram and promoted an $8,000 giveaway — though that’s since been deleted. And on May 23, she added another post promoting a date night giveaway to 20 couples.

Her followers are growing wary of her sponsored content

Jinger has plenty of fans, and many of her followers want to see her succeed without the help of her husband. Unfortunately, she seems to continually miss the mark with her content. And her date night giveaway she recently posted is rubbing fans the wrong way, as she posted it quickly after deleting the $8,000 giveaway.

“Is this once gunna disappear like the other giveaway you did?” one follower asked.

To that, another gave an explanation on Jinger’s behalf. They remarked, “she addressed on another post in the comments that they pulled out of it bc they didn’t quite know what all they were getting into until it went live and her and Jeremy didn’t like it so they were going to come up with another way to bless others through a giveaway.”

Many think her advertisement for a new skincare brush is totally unconvincing

Jinger Duggar's Instagram Story promoting a facial brush
Jinger Duggar’s Instagram Story promoting a facial brush | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram Story

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It looks like Jinger is at it again with more advertisements and new products. While many of the Duggar women have promoted Vanity Planet’s makeup removing brush, Jinger has a new brush she’s allegedly a fan of. And she posted all about the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush on her Instagram Story.

Jinger’s video shows her explaining the product — and then she uses it on her face to take off her makeup. Unfortunately, it’s quite clear that the brush isn’t actually removing her makeup. Of course, she’s getting called out for it.

“It’s so hard to keep track of which cleanser brush they’re all using,” a Reddit user wrote. “Didn’t they all just do #ads for the Vanity Planet one? Now a new one?”

“She’s definitely making good money doing these sponsored posts,” another wrote “Doesn’t matter how ridiculous she looks, there are people out there who will buy it for no other reason than a Duggar told them to.”

“I’ve never seen an influencer actually use the brush to take off the makeup they are clearly wearing,” yet another added.

As long as Jinger continues to make money, we’re sure we’ll keep seeing these ads.

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