Jinger Duggar’s Followers Think Her Video of Her Daughter Dancing Proves She’s Trying to Save Face With Sponsors

We’ve been following Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids for quite some time — and it’s Jinger Duggar who’s getting a ton of attention. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved out to Los Angeles with their young daughter, Felicity. The purpose of the move was for Jeremy’s ministry program, but fans loved that Jinger was willing to branch out from her home state of Arkansas and live the big-city life she always dreamed of.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Jinger so far, though. While she’s attempting to get some sponsorships and work on her Instagram influencing, she’s losing partnerships due to her family’s beliefs. And her followers think her video of Felicity dancing is an attempt at proving she’s nothing like her Christian fundamentalist parents.

Jinger Duggar just lost her partnership with Ruggable

The Duggars typically believe that the men are the ones who go to work and the women care for the kids and home. This may be true for Jinger and Jeremy as well — though it seems Jinger has been taking a stab at Instagram influencing. She’s promoted a variety of products on the ‘gram. But her partnership with Ruggable has reportedly ended.

According to Reddit, Ruggable sent out a note to a customer informing them that the company was terminating their partnership with Vuolo. The Duggars are known for their controversial views that include anti-LGBTQ rights and the pro-life movement. And Ruggable touched on this in their letter.

“We were not aware of any previous remarks, supported organizations or religious affiliations related to Jinger and her family,” the company stated. “This is a complete oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize as their family’s views do not in any way reflect our own.”

She previously lost a partnership with Fonuts

This isn’t Jinger’s first go-round with partnership losses. The Counting On star had a partnership with Fonuts, a Los Angeles-based donut company, and she even had her own limited edition item. Unfortunately, major backlash ensued. Those against the Duggar family warned Fonuts that the Duggars held bigoted views. The company later issued an apology for partnering with Jinger in the first place.

Not only that, but Jinger was also supposed to make an appearance at a Toys for Tots event associated with designer Rebecca Minkoff. After the Fonuts debacle, the event stated Jinger would no longer be making an appearance due to “personal circumstances.” It looks like Jinger chose to cancel this event on her own, but the situation with Fonuts most likely had a major effect.

Jinger’s followers think she’s trying to come off as more modern with her video of Felicity

Felicity Vuolo, Jinger Duggar's daughter, dancing
Felicity Vuolo, Jinger Duggar’s daughter, dancing | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram Story

Jinger hasn’t publicly acknowledged her loss of partnerships. Instead, after her loss with Ruggable, she went about her Instagram Story as she usually would. And she added an adorable video of Felicity dancing to “Baby Shark” and playing with a puzzle.

Reddit users noticed the video. And some thought the video showed that Felicity would grow up to be “a real kid” without the strict rules and guidelines Jinger grew up with. Others, however, thought Jinger is trying to come off as more modern in the wake of her partnership losses. And it seems Felicity is dancing on a Ruggable rug.

“I think they are trying to save face to stop losing the promotions they are losing,” one Reddit user noted. “They are trying to appear more mainstream in the hopes that people won’t contact companies and they lose sponsorships. They are just as hateful as the rest of the family.”

“It seems a little convenient that Jinger has her staged on the carpet that she just lost the sponsorship for because of her beliefs,” another wrote. “She has her dressed as anti fundie as possible, playing with a mainstream toy AND dancing. What kind of message is she REALLY sending here? Maybe she is sick of loosing sponsorships bc of her upbringing?”

We’re not sure if Jinger will be able to recover her reputation after all is said and done. But we’re willing to bet she’ll try.

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