Joanna Gaines’ Paint Colors From Magnolia Home All Have 1 Thing in Common

Most Fixer Upper fans and Joanna Gaines devotees yearn for a little modern farmhouse appeal in their homes. The vast majority will never share a glass of lemonade with Gaines herself while planning an epic renovation. But there are plenty of ways for these faithful Fixer Upper followers to create a little farmhouse magic at home even without a design consultation.

The most obvious tactic is picking items Gaines would likely select to style a renovation and making decisions similar to the ones she makes on Fixer Upper. That means perusing Magnolia Home Paint to kick off any project.

And the best part? Gaines personally approves every shade in the line, so it’s practically foolproof.

Joanna Gaines uses paint to spruce up every project

Joanna Gaines at the Build Studios in New York City
Joanna Gaines | Rob Kim/Getty Images

The first thing Gaines does when planning a renovation is think about how to preserve a home’s character and history. She usually takes down walls and replaces outdated elements, but when a can of paint can save an old fireplace or built-in bookcase, the 42-year-old renovation expert will always use that.

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to update any room. In general, Gaines favors light, neutral paint colors on Fixer Upper and only goes bold with accessories. But, she sometimes makes surprising choices, like when she recently painted her home kitchen cabinets dark green.

Every Magnolia Home paint color gets approved by Joanna Gaines

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Heading to a big box paint store can be an overwhelming endeavor. There are literally thousands of options and most home renovators aren’t sure what hue to choose. That’s why Fixer Upper fans are better off choosing from a limited selection, like the Magnolia Home paint line available at Ace Hardware and other retailers.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines® Paint includes 150 shades that all evoke that modern farmhouse meets industrial-chic aesthetic that Gaines’ fans can’t get enough of. Plus, according to the Ace Hardware website, the designer herself approves each and every hue. “Each Magnolia paint color has been personally hand-selected by Joanna Gaines,” the website claims.

Besides just looking good, these premium paints are durable, east to clean, dirt and mildew resistant, stain-blocking, and low VOC. They’re the perfect alternative to going on an episode of Fixer Upper yourself.

7 paint colors Joanna Gaines uses in ‘Fixer Upper: Welcome Home’

Chip and Joanna Gaines are back on television with their new series, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home. The duo is up to their old habits and are still transforming the worst houses in the best neighborhoods. And now they’re doing it with Magnolia Home paint, of course.

So far fans have been treated to four new episodes. This gave the Gaineses opportunity to showcase seven paint shades from their Magnolia Home line, including Silos White (MAG040), Locally Grown (MAG094), Prairie Smoke (MAG149), Secondhand Find (MAG108), Market Place (MAG080), Blanched (MAG043), and 1905 Green (MAG106A), Apartment Therapy reported.

The couple will be releasing more episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home later this summer and will undoubtedly be highlighting more paint colors then. In the meantime, Gaines’ fans can bring a little bit of the show into their homes with an inexpensive gallon of paint.