Joanna Gaines Reflected on Her ‘Need to Take Back Pieces of My Story’

Joanna Gaines has been reflective in recent Instagram posts, showing a return to the street she grew up on and visiting her elementary school. In one post, she pointed out the “need to take back pieces of my story” as she found time to connect with her roots.

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Joanna Gaines returned to the street she grew up on

With the release of her new memoir The Stories We Tell, Gaines tapped into her inner child by returning to the street she grew up on.

She documented the experience and shared the video with her fans on Instagram on Oct. 23. Gaines roller skated down the road like she did as a little girl.

“As I wrote this book, I got to relive some of the best chapters of my story — like how light & free I felt on my skates when I was a little girl,” she explained in the caption. “Maybe you can relate to feeling like you’ve misplaced a part of yourself you really loved. Go back if you can — is there a piece of who you used to be that’s worth reclaiming?”

In the video, she noted the question everyone is asked as kids: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She wondered about the opposite, asking adults, “What were you like when you were young?”

The ‘Fixer Upper’ star returned to her elementary school

On Nov. 1, Gaines took to Instagram to show a clip of her return to her childhood elementary school where she spent time with a favorite teacher.

“A chapter of my story led me back to the halls of my elementary school, to some of the stories I was told, and believed, and let define me for far too long,” she explained in the caption. “Stories about who I should be, names I was called, reasons I needed to hide certain parts of me. So I went back to rewrite some of those lies with the truth about who I am.”

Gaines continued, “But the sweetest part of the day was reuniting with my kindergarten teacher Ms. Primm, who could always make me feel safe simply with her smile.”

She noted, “I can’t imagine I’m the only who has felt the need to take back pieces of my story. What about you? What lies do you need to rewrite with truth?”

Joanna Gaines’ fans reacted to her elementary school visit

Gaines’ followers loved seeing her return to her old school and weighed in with their own experiences. “As a 5th grade elementary school teacher, we don’t usually know how many students we inspire until sometimes, many years later, when we bump into prior students,” one fan wrote. “Love this so much. It helps me remember that we really do make a difference.”

Another fan wrote, “Teachers can make or break a child. We will never forget the teachers who shaped our experiences, and as an educator myself, I will never take that for granted.”

Another one of her followers applauded Gaines’ encouragement. “I love that you are encouraging others to find the truth and exchange it for lies!” they commented.