Joanna Gaines Talks About Baby Crew’s First Christmas

Joanna Gaines and baby Crew

Joanna Gaines and baby Crew via Facebook

Chip and Joanna Gaines welcomed their fifth child, Crew, in June 2018. Now that Christmas is around the corner, the Gaines family is anxiously awaiting baby Crew’s first Christmas. Here’s what Joanna Gaines had to say about what Crew’s first Christmas will be like.

Baby Crew’s first Thanksgiving

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

Before we get to Crew’s first Christmas, let’s take a look at his first Thanksgiving. It seems like Crew spent most of Thanksgiving taking a nap. Joanna took to Instagram to post about how cute Crew looked wrapped up in his blanket. “First time he’s been into a blankie. This little bunny has been his friend all day,” she wrote.

As far as the rest of the Gaines bunch, they enjoyed a Lebanese meal. They feasted on kibbeh (ground lamb with bulgur wheat and seasonings), cabbage rolls, grape leaves, olives, Syrian donuts, and a Lebanese salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, reports People.

Counting down the days until Christmas

Gaines Christmas tree

Gaines Christmas tree | Joanna Gaines via Facebook

You might count down until the new year, but the Gaines family counts down until Christmas day. It’s so important to them that they look forward to the holiday all year long. “Christmas is different. We look forward to it all year. We count down the days, just to experience it nearly exactly as we always have. It is so comfortably familiar and perfectly nostalgic that, frankly, we have no desire to improve upon it at all,” says Joanna in her column for The Magnolia Journal.

Joanna Gaines looks forward to Christmas months in advance

Joanna says she looks forward to Christmas because this is the time of year when family traditions are built. During Christmas, she says she builds memories she cherishes for years. Says Joanna in The Magnolia Journal, “I replay these moments in my mind not because I long for peppermint bark or cold weather (though I really do love both), but because these moments somehow define who we are as a family.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Christmas collection

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines via Facebook

If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, don’t panic. Chip and Joanna have you covered with their new Target Christmas collection. There’s a wide selection of Christmas decorations and holiday-themed items. There’s one item the whole family will love: matching holiday pajamas. There are even matching pajamas for pets and babies. You won’t have to worry about getting cold in these pajamas. Each sleepwear set has long sleeves and pants. The Christmas collection also includes holiday stockings, wreaths, gifts, and tree ornaments.

What will baby Crew’s first Christmas be like?

Baby Crew

Crew Gaines | Baby Crew

So, what will Crew’s first Christmas look like? From Joanna’s column, it looks like nothing much will change. She and the Gaines family are dedicated to following the family traditions they have practiced for more than a decade.

In her magazine column, Joanna says she’s determined to keep Crew’s first Christmas just like every other Christmas she has spent with her family: “This is our first Christmas with baby Crew, and we get to experience our family traditions through [Crew’s] delighted smiles, with his bright eyes serving as sort of a mirror,” wrote Joanna in The Magnolia Journal. “I hope he’ll see that we’re not looking for new and improved. But rather that we’re taking the best parts of every Christmas past and unpacking them for Christmas present.”

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