Jodie Comer Shared Her Opinion About What Happens Next on ‘Killing Eve’ and Fans Have Strong Feelings About It

Every great television couple has their fair share of angst. It wouldn’t be a good show without conflict, right? Well, for fans of Killing Eve, all of that strife is a great thing. It’s kept Eve and Villanelle just enough apart that when they are together, it’s magic. However, the Season 3 finale really tested the limits of their partnership. And the fans might have a different wish for the pair than star Jodie Comer. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for Killing Eve Season 3].

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the premiere of BBC America and AMC's 'Killing Eve,' Season 2 at ArcLight Hollywood on April 01, 2019.
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the premiere of BBC America and AMC’s ‘Killing Eve,’ Season 2 at ArcLight Hollywood on April 01, 2019 | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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Jodie Comer thinks that Eve and Villanelle don’t end up together after the bridge scene

After Villanelle and Eve have a very honest heart-to-heart conversation at the dance hall and then an even more vulnerable one on the bridge at the end of the finale, the two walk away from each other. Eve wants it all to stop and Villanelle chooses the selfless path and gives her a way out. 

With a touching song playing over that final scene and the two walking away, seemingly for good and of their own volition, they both stop. And, again, on their own accord, Eve and Villanelle turn back around. But for Jodie Comer, nothing changes after their look.  

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“I feel like they both walk away,” Comer shared in a BAFTA live stream on June 5. It seemed like Eve turned because she second-guessed her desire to end it. And, as Comer pointed out, Villanelle seemed to turn around because she wanted to confirm Eve’s decision. But the actress doesn’t think they rush into each other’s arms or walk off together. 

“I think initially, I think they both walk away. Who knows. Season 4 is a whole — who knows what’s gonna happen,” Comer continued. “But I think they walk away in that moment, what sits is that moment.”

Fans cannot deal with that outcome

Now, to say fans were not happy with that answer is an understatement. There were mostly jokes and they were poking fun at the situation, but fans still didn’t like Comer’s answer.

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One fan made a joke about that Comer didn’t want a VillanEve kiss — which is definitely not what she was insinuating — and another pointed out the funny faces her castmates made when she gave her answer. Another pointed out that they still have ways to communicate.

“Eve and Villanelle may have walked away from each other but let’s remember, they have each other’s cellphone number. Checkmate jodie comer #KillingEve,” they wrote. 

It’s safe to say that Comer doesn’t hate the idea of Villanelle and Eve’s attraction to each other. Their desire for one another literally leaps off the screen; there’s no way to deny it. Despite the two not getting together yet, it’s been made very clear that they have feelings for each other, even acting on it a few times. 

But the fun of the cat-and-mouse game is that chase. So what Comer is saying is that she doesn’t see them reconnecting on that bridge, but Season 4 will bring a whole new dimension to their relationship. 

But, Sandra Oh and Comer agree: Eve and Villanelle have never been closer 

In another video interview on June 2 with Variety, Sandra Oh shared what the end of the season meant for her and Eve. To Oh, she sees Villanelle and Eve closer than ever before. 

“I feel at the end of this [season], Eve and Villanelle are closer. But not in the way that I think people would expect…” Oh said. “When they come to the end of the series, I just feel like the way that [the two] know each other and, in some ways, depend or trust each other, [reflects] a sense of trust that is outside of anyone else. At least from Eve’s perspective.”

To this, Comer also brought up Villanelle’s personal growth and struggles this season, saying that the way Eve accepted Villanelle’s faults was groundbreaking for the assassin. 

Villanelle and Eve meet for the first time in Season 1, on 'Killing Eve'
Villanelle and Eve meet for the first time in Season 1, on ‘Killing Eve’ | IMG

“I think it’s a sense of acceptance for Villanelle as well. Like, this series ends so differently from… what we’re used to,” Comer said. “I think people are expecting one thing and they’re gonna get another. And it’s actually really quite beautiful and quite emotional. Some of these moments these characters share towards the latter of this season.” 

So even though Villanelle and Eve are physically apart on that bridge, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of their relationship, or whatever it is you want to call it. Because let’s face it: when has distance ever really separated VillanEve?

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