Jodie Comer’s Two Favorite Villanelle Outfits From ‘Killing Eve’ Might Surprise You

Villanelle is unlike a lot of female characters on television. She’s the charismatic and wickedly bad assassin who seems to have little to no empathy or remorse at all. And she’s positively fun to watch. Those types of roles are typically played by men, and yet Jodie Comer gets to dive into this “villain,” and she does so incredibly well.

And one of the best parts? She’s wealthy from her kills and uses it to stock her fridge with champagne and buy designer clothes. Her outfits are wildly fabulous, but interestingly, Comer’s favorite outfits aren’t the stylish ones. Well, depending on your definition of “stylish,” that is.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in 'Killing Eve' Season 2.
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 | Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

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Villanelle is not just an assassin, but an assassin with incredible style

When audiences are first introduced to Comer’s Villanelle, she’s knocking a kid’s ice cream into their lap, making them cry. Fast forward to Season 3 and she doesn’t really have much better luck with babies. But, regardless, her story and character have progressed so far from where it began. 

Villanelle came from a family where her mother didn’t love her, nor wanted to, which we find out in Season 3. The Twelve broke her out of prison in Russian, trained her to be the perfect killer, and use her to off their enemies or people they just want dead. She never questioned why or cared to stop until meeting Eve. Now, fans aren’t sure where these two characters stand or whether The Twelve will let Villanelle just walk away. 

While the latter is unlikely, Villanelle hasn’t stopped dressing fabulously. But Comer’s two favorite outfits are anything but stylish. 

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Recently she revealed that she liked her school teacher look from Season 2

In an interview with Allure, published on March 31, Comer shared her favorite beauty products and the fact that no one’s allowed to touch her eyebrows but her. She also shared which outfit she loved wearing the most in Killing Eve

“I’ve always wanted to have red or auburn hair, and we had that kind of wig in Season 2 when I was playing this school teacher,” Comer shared. “I was obsessed with that look.”

To jog your memory, Comer is referring to Season 2 when Villanelle dresses up in a sort of hippy outfit and pretends to work at the same school Niko does. She then talks to Gemma in the stairwell and goads her into making a move on Niko. It gives off serious art teacher vibes, but it does the job of masking who Villanelle is. It’s also one of the first times she’s up close with Eve after the MI6 agent stabbed her. 

Also from Season 2, she interestingly loved the pajamas she took from little Gabriel

Another favorite of Comer’s is also an outfit she wore in Season 2. While appearing on the BUILD Series in April of 2019, she said that her favorite look was when she put on Gabriel’s comic book pajamas at the hospital. 

“What I love about the second season is, she’s been stripped of all her luxury. And she finds herself at a hospital in Paris and she befriends a young boy who’s in the bed next to her,” Comer explained. “And he kindly borrows her his pajamas. Age 10, actually, to be precise.” 

In another interview with The Los Angeles Times, also from April of 2019, costume designer Charlotte Mitchell shared that the PJs were going to be Spiderman at first, but they had to go with something else because of copyright.

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“I remember seeing the fabric for them and I remember thinking, ‘Woah, they are very unforgiving,’ and I wore them for a very long time,” Comer said in the BUILD Series interview. “But they’re actually brilliant when I’ve seen them in the still pictures. There’s something so fantastic about this woman who is in such an awful place and she’s parading around.”

The pop-art, comic pajamas are a pretty fantastic juxtaposition between Villanelle’s murderous activities and current state, and the fact that these are loud, bright, and childish.

So, no, Comer’s favorite outfit so far isn’t the poofy pink one from Season 1, nor any of her colorful numbers from this season. Although, there’s no doubt she likes a lot of them. Too bad those pajamas were custom made, otherwise they might be a hot commodity for Killing Eve fans. 

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