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The Jonas Brothers acted in more than just Hannah Montana and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. These performers also had their own Disney Channel series, Jonas, which Joe Jonas confirmed Sophie Turner hasn’t seen. Not yet, anyway.

The Jonas Brothers starred in Disney Channel’s ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘Jonas’

Disney Channel's 'JONAS' episode titled 'Exam Jam' featuring Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas
Disney Channel’s ‘JONAS’ episode titled ‘Exam Jam’ featuring Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas | Eric McCandless/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Some Jonas Brothers fans are “suckers” for their Disney Channel content. Joe Jonas starred in the original movie Camp Rock alongside Demi Lovato, with Nick and Kevin having cameos in the Disney Channel film. 

All three brothers returned for Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. These musicians also starred in the comedy series Jonas, which premiered on Disney’s television network in 2009. The show ran for two seasons, with Nick, Kevin, and Joe performing new songs for the production. 

Of course, the Jonas Brothers currently focus on their music career, releasing “What a Man Gotta Do” in 2020 and “Sucker” in 2019.

Sophie Turner hasn’t seen ‘Jonas’ yet — and Joe Jonas is ok with that

During one video with Vanity Fair, Jonas reflected on his relationship with his brothers and their start on Disney Channel. The interviewer mentioned one quote from Nick Jonas, who said working on Jonas was “a big regret. It really stunted our growth.”

“I don’t agree,” Joe Jonas said. “I think it was a lot of fun.”

When asked if Joe Jonas’ wife has seen the show, the singer confirmed she missed out on the Jonas days, adding, “I’m ok with her not watching it, to be honest.”

Of course, Joe Jonas has seen (and loved) Sophie Turner’s HBO series, Game of Thrones, where she starred as Sansa Stark.

Still, the Jonas Brothers’ partners are big fans of this boy band, sometimes attending concerts together and even nicknaming themselves “the J Sisters.” As of 2020, Nick Jonas’ wife Priyanka Chopra has not seen the Jonas Brothers’ Disney Channel movie.

“I’ve never seen Camp Rock, and everyone makes fun of me about that, so maybe soon we’ll have a ‘Camp Rock’ viewing party,” the actor said during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I bet it will be great.”


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Kevin Jonas’ daughters know their father is a member of the Jonas Brothers

As the oldest Jonas Brother (and the first one married), Kevin Jonas already shared his childhood hits with his daughters Alena and Valentina. In one Instagram video, the two pretended to be the Jonas Brothers, speaking into their father’s Billboard Music Award microphone-shaped trophies.

However, it’s unclear if Kevin’s children saw Camp Rock or Jonas. In another Instagram video, Kevin Jonas picked up his daughter, Alena, from school. She held up a handmade birdhouse, with Kevin shaking his head at the unintentional Camp Rock reference. 

The Jonas Brothers have since distanced themselves from Disney Channel. Now, already-released episodes of Jonas are available only on Disney+.