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Joey King is far from an acting newcomer. She started her career while she was still a child and more recently acted in movies such as The Kissing Booth films, The Conjuring, and The Princess. King worked with Brad Pitt on Bullet Train, and it could be her highest-profile gig yet. King wore an eye-catching outfit to the premiere and needed just four words to describe her style.

Joey King attends the Los Angeles premiere 'Bullet Train' on Aug. 1, 2022. King continued her trend of wearing daring red-carpet fashions and took a minute to describe her style.
Joey King attends the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Bullet Train’ | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Joey King adds ‘Bullet Train’ to her resume and wears an eye-catching outfit to the premiere

Pitt’s nearly three-year break from a starring role ends with Bullet Train. He plays Ladybug, one of several skilled assassins on a high-speed train vying to recover a briefcase.

King plays Prince, a British assassin pretending to be a schoolgirl and one of the other cold-blooded killers vying with Pitt’s Ladybug for the briefcase. Acting alongside Pitt is one of King’s career highlights, and Bullet Traindespite some mixed reviews — could be one of her signature movies for years to come. 

When the movie premiered in Los Angeles, King rocked the red carpet with an all-white ensemble. She wore a full-length skirt with a bird-feather look and a white blazer with a plunging neckline and several cutaways. King’s eye-catching ensemble was the latest bold red-carpet fashion, but it fits in with her description of her style.

King describes her style and fashion taste in four words

King rocking daring red-carpet looks is nothing new. At Bullet Train’s UK premiere, she sported a long black and red checkerboard skirt, a high-necked backless white shirt with several cutaways, and elbow-length black gloves.

So, her LA premiere wardrobe looked daring, but King is no stranger to making a statement with her clothes. The Hollywood Reporter asked King to describe her style in three words; she needed four (via YouTube): 

“My style in three words, I think, would be, you know, youthful, daring maybe, and, I don’t know, a mix of classic and unique. That’s four words, [jeez].”

Joey King describes her red-carpet style

Earlier in her brief interview, King explained the joy she receives from wearing unique clothes on the red carpet.

“I’ve been having so much fun with my looks, and I’ve been choosing them all for me,” she said. “They’re making me happy, and if they’re making other people happy, that’s awesome because I’m enjoying every moment of playing around with my style. I feel like I’m entering a new form of myself where I am not afraid anymore to just do what I want on the carpet.”

Is ‘Bullet Train’ a remake of another movie?


‘Bullet Train’: Why There’s a Strong Chance the Movie Will Get a Sequel

Bullet Train arrives in theaters as something of an original. It’s not based on a previous movie, so it’s not a remake. The novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka, initially published in 2010, is the source material behind the movie. 

The book and the movie both contain violent deaths, which makes sense when assassins are involved. The concession car fight between Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson proved hard to shoot because of a last-minute location change, but there are several other action sequences featuring the five stars. 

In addition to Pitt as Ladybug,  King as Prince, and Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine, Bullet Train stars Brian Tyree Henry (Lemon), Bad Bunny (Wolf), Michael Shannon (White Death), and, in her second movie with Pitt in 2022, Sandra Bullock (Maria).

Camp is King’s next project (per IMDb), though it doesn’t have a release date. If Bullet Train‘s premiere is any indication, then King will have a totally unique style choice for the red capet.

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