John Boyega’s Finn Will Reportedly Use The Force in Future ‘Star Wars’ Projects

For as devoted as the Star Wars fan base is, the actors involved in the saga rarely demonstrate the same love. That’s certainly not the case with John Boyega. The actor — who plays Finn in the sequel trilogy — has never shied away from declaring his love for Star Wars.

Yet, as his character’s arc played out over the films, Boyega has been open too about his disappointment. To many fans, Finn was treated poorly overall by the sequel trilogy. But according to a new report, the character could get redemption through his use of The Force.

John Boyega at the EE British Academy Film Awards
John Boyega at the EE British Academy Film Awards | Wiktor Szymanowicz/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Finn was sidelined in the sequels, but the movies hinted at more

Considering Boyega’s own Star Wars fandom, Finn’s arc was even more of a bummer. The character starts off as a co-lead in The Force Awakens. Finn is a stormtrooper who breaks through his First Order programming to become a Resistance fighter.

Early marketing for the movie even indicated Finn would become a Jedi. Although Finn does (briefly) wield a lightsaber, that story ultimately goes nowhere. Instead, he spends The Last Jedi on a failed side quest with Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) in easily the movie’s most divisive plotline.

By The Rise of Skywalker, Finn is pushed back even further. His only saving grace is a subplot that alludes to his own Force sensitivity. Of course, like so many interesting ideas, the movie never has time to explore Finn’s story or even clarify where his story is heading.

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Finn will reportedly factor into the future of the ‘Star Wars’ saga

Many fans — including Boyega — are intrigued by the notion of a Force-sensitive Finn. If he connects to The Force, this would explain how he was able to free himself from the First Order. Such a revelation would also set up an exciting story for him and Jannah (Naomi Ackie) going forward.

Since The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm hasn’t addressed whether Finn would reappear in any form. But We Got This Covered claims the Star Wars saga absolutely has plans for Finn. In fact, the character’s ability to use The Force will be a major focus whenever he pops up next.

Right now, this is strictly a rumor. So fans shouldn’t get excited just yet. After all, Lucasfilm has a ton of projects reportedly in the works. But The Mandalorian Season 2 is the only Star Wars project that is well on its way to audiences. That said, Lucasfilm has many options to give fans more Finn.

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John Boyega shut down talk of a Disney+ show; will he reconsider?

Around the time The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, Boyega seemed adamant about not reprising his role on Disney+. However, the streaming service is probably the easiest way to continue Finn’s story. After all, Disney+ already has a pair of character-specific shows in the works.

We Got This Covered even specifically calls out the possibility of a Disney+ show. According to rumors, Lucasfilm is developing shows for both Finn and Poe (Oscar Isaac). The latter seems more unlikely given Isaac’s apparent disinterest. But a Finn series feels like the perfect fit.

Not only is Boyega’s character a fan favorite. But his story also left the most room for growth. And it would naturally lead into guest appearances for other sequel trilogy mainstays. If Rey (Daisy Ridley) does indeed train a new generation of Jedi, Finn could absolutely be a key part of that story.