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It would be fair to say that The Office was John Krasinski’s big break. The actor turned director was relatively unknown before landing the role of Jim Halpert on the hit NBC show. In fact, Krasinski was considering giving up acting altogether before nabbing the coveted role. Fortunately, his mother convinced him to stick things out a little longer and, eventually, his tenacity paid off.

Krasinski would spend nine seasons playing the affable paper salesman on The Office. Throughout his time on the show, he created fantastic memories with his fellow cast and crewmates. The A Quiet Place director hasn’t been shy about how much he revered making the workplace comedy. But what was Krasinski’s favorite aspect of the show?

John Krasinski on set of The Office as Jim Halpert
John Krasinski | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank

John Krasinksi gets candid about his favorite thing about ‘The Office’

Funnily enough, Kransinski’s favorite thing about The Office is likely the same as many fans. The Boston native had a real appreciation for the relationship between his character, Jim, and Pam Beesly. Fans of the show will recall that Pam and Jim’s interactions often served as the emotional heartbeat of the show. Even when the pair were “just friends” there was clearly a connection between them.

In an interview with Daily Actor, Krasinski shared how much he appreciated the authenticity of Jim and Pam’s relationship. “You know my favorite thing about the show has always been how, especially with the Jim and Pam story, how real the writers have always been to a relationship in that yes, they’re incredibly blissful times, like you were saying,” The Office actor shared. “But, there’s also times where, you know, the world around them can stall out and feel like it’s not enough or that it is enough, or feel bland or more exciting from time to time.”

Krasinski is partly responsible for the rift between Jim and Pam

Krasinski loved how Jim and Pam’s relationship was so grounded in truth. In fact, this desire to be authentic inspired him to pitch a storyline that would anger many fans of The Office. The actor approached creator, Greg Daniels, with the idea that Jim and Pam should experience a rough patch in their relationship. This, of course, is the main Jim and Pam storyline that played out in season 9.


‘The Office’: Why Jim and Pam Made Up When They Did

‘The Office’ star wanted to explore the natural lull between the characters

In the aforementioned interview, Krasinski revealed that he felt there was a lull in Jim and Pam’s relationship after they got married and had kids. The actor wanted to explore the idea that Jim’s passion could cause a strain on their relationship. Thus, the Athlead storyline was born. Of course, many fans weren’t happy with the rift between the characters, but they can’t deny that is authentic. Furthermore, since Jim and Pam ultimately got their happy ending, fans of The Office should be able to forgive Krasinski.