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Though The Office easily could have been the height of John Krasinski’s success, the actor has done plenty since the popular NBC comedy went off of the air. Of course, he has continued to act in TV shows and films, but he also has a number of writing, producing, and directing credits under his belt also.

John Krasinski at the premiere for A Quiet Place part II in a blue suit and black tie
John Krasinski | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

While it’s clear that Krasinski has a knack for entertainment, he didn’t consider acting professionally when he was growing up until the very last moment. Instead, he was considering a career in something far more practical. Still, even his practical career was influenced by his love of film.

John Krasinski was always fascinated by movies

“Growing up, I think that performance and trying to be more of the class clown or trying to be funny for my family was all I really cared about, but I never had the intention of being an actor,” Krasinski shared with NPR back in 2016. “Actually, when I went to college I was dead set on being an English teacher, which again, probably came from a movie. I probably saw Dead Poets Society and said, ‘Oh yeah, just get kids to stand on desks, that sounds like a good life!'”

Still, Krasinski couldn’t deny his interest in theatre and comedy and, eventually, he broke the news to his parents that he was going to move to New York to pursue a career as an actor. His parents were supportive, but his mom encouraged him to give himself a time limit for acting if he wasn’t booking any jobs.

The director was ready to quit acting before he got cast as Jim Halpert

As luck would have it, Krasinski booked The Office shortly after the agreed-upon time limit expired. Though the show struggled in its first season, the cast knew that they were making something special. Thanks to the Internet, it eventually found an audience. And even now, thanks to streaming services, the show is still at the height of its success and is being discovered by new fans every day.


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How tall is ‘The Office’ star?

One ongoing joke made about Krasinski’s character on The Office centered around how tall he was. In fact, Michael once said that Gumby had a better body than Jim. But just how tall is Krasinski? The actor actually stands at 6 feet 3 inches.

Krasinski’s brothers have him beat when it comes to height

Although 6’3 is an impressive height to most people, the A Quiet Place star is actually the shortest amongst his siblings. His brothers are actually 6’8 and 6’9 respectively. Clearly, height runs in Krasinski’s family. It’ll be interesting to see if the kids that he shares with Emily Blunt will grow up to be tall also.