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Ringo Starr was the last person to join The Beatles, but he was a key piece. Ringo’s down-to-earth attitude helped save them from ending up like Elvis Presley as the Fab Four shot to worldwide fame. His demeanor also meant that John Lennon never forgot Ringo’s reaction to the start of his relationship with Yoko Ono, which was pure Ringo.

Yoko Ono (from left), John Lennon, and Ringo Starr, whose reaction to Yoko Ono being around The Beatles was authentically Ringo, arrive at a Los Angeles club in 1975.
(l-r) Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Ringo Star | Brad Elterman/FilmMagic

John Lennon bringing Yoko Ono into The Beatles caused friction in the band

John once said he had no interest in The Beatles after meeting Yoko. That was in 1966, but John stuck it out with the Fab Four until they broke up in 1970. The rest of The Beatles weren’t necessarily happy about Yoko being around so much.

Paul McCartney admitted he wasn’t keen on Yoko, but he understood John needed to have a new relationship after John’s first marriage was doomed

George Harrison provided a brutally honest opinion. Express writes that John recalled George insulting Yoko to her face. George claimed his friend, Bob Dylan, told him Yoko had a “lousy reputation” in New York. John and George had a heated argument about Yoko performing at The Concert for Bangladesh years later.

Ringo had a pure Ringo reaction to Yoko Ono, and John never forgot it.

Ringo Starr’s reaction to Yoko Ono was Ringo in the best possible sense, and John always remembered it

Ringo became one of the most famous and admired drummers ever because of his work with The Beatles, but he never let it go to his head. Even at the Fab Four’s peak, Ringo (wrongly) claimed he was no good as a drummer

He played on some of the most famous songs ever and owned luxury apartments and country estates, but Ringo never elevated himself above other people. It was the same when he first met Yoko Ono, and John never forgot it (per Express):

“Ringo remained as positive as he could be when she first arrived … Lennon revealed that Starr was extremely welcoming and accepting when Ono first came onto the scene. [He] recalled: ‘Ringo was all right, so was [his wife] Maureen [Cox], but the other two really gave it to us.’”

John Lennon describes Ringo Starr’s reaction to Yoko Ono being around The Beatles

Ringo’s reaction to Yoko becoming more prevalent in The Beatles’ everyday happenings wasn’t to push back but to positively embrace the change. He was unassuming. He seemed reluctant to form an instant opinion. The same attitude that helped keep the Fab Four grounded at the height of their fame remained when John brought Yoko into the fold. The Ringo of 1966 was the same one who helped push The Beatles onto the charts in 1963. One rocker named him the most approachable Beatle because he lacked pretense. Ringo’s reaction to Yoko being around proves it was 100% true.

Ringo continued to embrace Yoko even after The Beatles broke up


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John bringing Yoko into the fold caused some tension within The Beatles, specifically from Paul and George. Ringo’s reaction was pure, level-headed Ringo, and he remained that way even as the Fab Four flamed out.

The Beatles fought like brothers, but they remained close like brothers despite the animosity. John, Paul, and George each contributed to Ringo’s hit third solo record. When John died, Ringo ditched his Bahamas vacation and flew to Yoko’s side to support her.

Ringo Starr’s reaction to Yoko Ono was 100% authentic Ringo, and John Lennon never forgot it. The drummer proved his kindness toward Yoko in the 1960s wasn’t just an act when he comforted her after John’s death.

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