John Mulaney Could Have Been in a Classic Film Franchise in the ’90s, but His Parents Said No

Comedian John Mulaney is probably best known to audiences for his Netflix stand-up specials and for voicing Andrew on Big Mouth. However, if his parents had done things just a little differently, he could have been a famous child actor. And one of our favorite holiday films would have featured a young John Mulaney instead of its notable star.

We’ll never know if he could have played the role because his parents decided against letting him audition. What film did his parents pass on for him? And what unique tactic did he remember them using to break the news?

John Mulaney in a plaid shirt
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Andrew Glouberman returns to Netflix on ‘Big Mouth’

Currently, Mulaney is expecting his first baby with Olivia Munn later this year after announcing his divorce — also this year. His popular “From Scratch” tour has a few cities left to visit before winding down in November. That is expected to keep him busy until around the time his baby with Munn is speculated to be due.

Importantly, no specific due date has been shared with public. But People magazine reported their baby is due this year, and there are now only three months left.  

Additionally, Mulaney also voices Andrew Glouberman on Netflix’s adult cartoon about teenagers — Big Mouth. The show’s fifth season will be available for streaming on Nov. 5. So, we’ll likely be hearing a little more from the comedian — and more about his offspring — this year.

And since he used a picture of himself from childhood to promote the tour, fans can already picture what his kid might look like one day. Or even what Mulaney would have looked like as a child movie star.

John Mulaney was offered an audition for the role of Kevin in ‘Home Alone’

According to Mulaney, he was in a sketch comedy group for children when a talent scout approached him about an audition. The scout apparently described the movie as a story about a “boy who wishes his family would disappear.”

That diminishes the beauty of the story just a little, but that’s not so important. The film was “Home Alone” and Mulaney told Live With Kelly and Ryan that he “could have never done a better job” than the “amazing” Macaulay Culkin. Still, it’s fun for fans to imagine.  

Mulaney recalled his parents took a few days to think before giving him an answer. But he also recalled the notable timing of their response.

John Mulaney’s parents broke the news at an interesting moment

John Mulaney in snowman pjs
John Mulaney | Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for 24 Hour Musical

As he tells it, his mom and dad waited until the moment before his doctor gave him a shot to tell him. Just before the injection, his mom supposedly said, “Your dad and I have talked it over and we don’t want you to audition for that movie.”

Ultimately, Culkin was seemingly meant for “Home Alone” and he went on to star in the original, as well as the sequel. But there’s a little chance that had more to do with a young Mulaney and his parents’ choices for him than anyone could ever know.

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