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John Mulaney made headlines recently when he announced on Late Night with Seth Meyers that he and Olivia Munn are expecting their first child together. 

With a baby on the way, it seems that Mulaney and Munn’s relationship is getting serious very quickly. But is this couple destined to last a lifetime, or are they doomed to break up? Let’s see what the stars have to say about this celebrity duo.

John Mulaney wearing a blue suit and floral tie and smiling for the camera.
John Mulaney | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photobank

John Mulaney is a Virgo

According to Famous Birthdays, John Mulaney was born on August 26, 1982. This makes him a Virgo, but he is on the cusp of being a Leo since the dates for Virgo begin around August 23. 

Some of the positive qualities associated with the zodiac sign Virgo are being humble, hard-working, and meticulous. On the other hand, Virgos can also be extremely critical, nervous, and blunt. 

Virgo is connected to the earth element, and earth signs are usually practical, reliable, and industrious. Mulaney has worked hard in his career as a writer and comedian, and he can probably thank his zodiac sign for his strong work ethic. 

It’s worth noting that, since he was born on the Leo-Virgo cusp, Mulaney should exhibit some of the typical Leo characteristics, as well. Leos are proud, brave, and big-hearted, but they can also be vain, selfish, and temperamental. 

Leos love attention, and many Leos end up working in the entertainment industry because they crave praise and recognition from others. It’s likely the influence of Leo that made Mulaney pursue a career as a comedian so he could share his talents with others. 

Olivia Munn looks over her shoulder to smile at the camera.
Olivia Munn | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Olivia Munn is a Cancer

Famous Birthdays says that Olivia Munn’s date of birth is July 3, 1980. This makes her a Cancer, and she is not on the cusp of either of her neighboring zodiac signs. 

Among the positive qualities associated with Cancer are being thoughtful, gentle, and nurturing. On the negative side, Cancers can be moody, withdrawn, and vindictive. 

Cancer is a water sign, and water signs are typically emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. They care a great deal about other people’s feelings, but they also get their feelings hurt quite easily. 

Water signs are also creative, so her acting career is probably a great outlet for Munn to express herself.

Cancer is also “the Mother” of the zodiac and is associated with maternity and femininity, which bodes well for expectant mother Munn. 

John Mulaney holds a microphone and makes hand gestures on stage.
John Mulaney | Kyle Dubiel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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John Mulaney and Olivia Munn could be astrologically compatible 

Although Virgo and Cancer aren’t an ideal match, they aren’t innately incompatible, either. The relationship dynamic between Mulaney and Munn is likely one of balancing forces, based on their zodiac signs. 

Earth and water are complementary elements when it comes to the zodiac. While water signs like Cancer are sensitive and emotional, earth signs like Virgo are practical and logical. Munn and Mulaney could provide some much-needed balance to one another in terms of temperament and how they handle their feelings. Alternatively, they could prove too different to be compatible. 

Their signs’ modalities help make Mulaney and Munn a strong couple. Virgo is a mutable sign, while Cancer is a cardinal sign. Mutable signs are happy to let other people take the lead, and they tend to be peace-makers who resolve problems through negotiation and compromise. Cardinal signs are natural leaders who like to tackle obstacles directly. It’s usually best for couples to have two different modalities so they can have multiple methods of approaching problems.

According to the stars, Mulaney and Munn are capable of having a successful and long-lasting relationship, even though they might be better off with other zodiac signs. Only time will tell if their love will endure for a lifetime.