John Oliver Sounds Off on Wendy Williams Eating on Camera

John Oliver has a long history of skewering things which seem offbeat. Wendy Williams has been offbeat from time to time. It only made sense Oliver would eventually comment on Williams.

Once her show was put on hiatus due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Williams was itching to go back to work. She got her wish. Oliver has some thoughts on the sometimes unorthodox new episodes of her show.

Wendy Williams wearing a gold outfit | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

Wendy Williams and Betty Boop

The new version of The Wendy Williams Show is called Wendy @ Home. In it, Williams broadcasts from her house. In shots of the new show, Williams’ uniquely dressed statue of Betty Boop is visible. She eats on her show and sometimes seems a little tired.

Oliver had lots to say about Williams’ new set-up. “She’s sharing a screen with a life-sized Betty Boop decked out in Supreme gear, Chanel accessories and a disco ball, and somehow, [Williams is] still the most engrossing thing in that shot, eating a lamb chop in a weirdly dominant manner. Not many people can pull that off.”

John Oliver sounds off of Wendy Williams’ eating habits

Oliver also reacted to Williams’ unique eating habits. On the show, she ate chocolate licorice for breakfast. She calls it the “breakfast of champions.” That might not be the “breakfast of champions” which bodybuilders have in mind.

Oliver found it odd that Williams feels the need to share her eating habits on camera. He compared Williams’ relationship with food to his relationship with his cats. He noted that even though he has many cats, he doesn’t put them in the spotlight. Oliver compared this to Willaims’ penchant for eating on camera.

Wendy Williams and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ sweatsuit

Oliver also critiqued a clip where Williams discussed Tameka “Tiny” Harris defending  Bill Cosby. Williams said Cosby deserves to stay in jail for the rest of his days. Interestingly, Williams decided to stop commenting on Cosby to say she’d love to have the outfit sweatsuit Harris was wearing in the clip. She told her assistant she wanted him to help her find the outfit.

Oliver was amused by all of this. He said Williams had no way of knowing how she could find the outfit. He also pointed out that Williams is going to have a difficult time finding the outfit during the coronavirus pandemic.

John Oliver has some kind words and a gift for Wendy Williams

John Oliver wearing a black suit | Noam Galai/Getty Images

However, Oliver apparently has more resources than most people. He managed to find the tracksuit in the clip. He’d like to give it to Williams. Oliver said he likes Williams’ new show and even initiated one specific aspect of it.

“Here you go, Wendy. This sweatsuit is for you. Just tell us where to send it and wear it in good health. And, please, don’t you ever stop eating on camera.” Oliver ended the segment by eating on camera himself.

Oliver had a very positive appraisal of Wendy @ Home. He said “Willaims has ascended to a level of ‘f*cks not given’ that no human has ever achieved before.” He also called the show “an oasis of truth in a world full of lies.”

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