John Ritter Was a Bachelor on ‘The Dating Game’

The Dating Game was among the top TV shows that first aired in 1965. It involved watching contestants try to impress others and go on a date. Several actors made their appearance on the iconic game show. Most of the actors who starred in The Dating Game were guests starting their acting careers. John Ritter is one of the contestants who starred in the famous game show.

John Ritter smiling, looking off camera
John Ritter | Vinnie Zuffante/Getty Images

Ritter’s acting career

Ritter was the son of Tex Ritter and Dorothy Fay and was born in Burbank, according to IMDb. The American actor was very charismatic and even received a Primetime Emmy Award in 1984 for his outstanding performance in Three’s Company. In the same year, he also received a Golden Globe Award.

Ritter appeared in more than 100 films and series and also performed on Broadway. His significant roles in the acting industry include Problem ChildProblem Child 2Ben Hanscom in ItSling Blade, and Bad Santa.

From 2000-2003, he also voiced the title character in the children’s program on PBS, Clifford the Big Red Dog. Ritter even managed to receive four Daytime Emmy Award nominations. He also appeared in the TV comedy 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

In 1977, Ritter married the love of his life, Nancy Morgan, and they had three children together: Tyler, Carly, and Jason. Ritter and Morgan later split in 1996, and he married Amy Yasbeck in 1999. Yasbeck and Ritter had one child together. When Ritter was 54 years old, he died due to a heart problem. His role in the acting industry was quite remarkable and his contribution will never be forgotten.

Ritter’s role in ‘The Dating Game’

The Dating Game is a reality show that aired from 1966-1973. The reality showed three contestants who answer a couple of questions. The main contestant gets to pick which person she or he wishes to go on a date with. The three contestants are first separated from the contestant. Thus the contestant has no privilege of seeing who they might choose.

Ritter appeared on the game when he was 19 years old, Buzzfeed reports. He was pretty goofy and charming and as one of the three contestants a woman would choose to accompany her on a date. During the show, Ritter is charismatic and stands out, being chosen to go on the date at the show’s end.

‘The Celebrity Dating Game’ resembles the original show


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The Celebrity Dating Game is the newest series that brings out the same star power and fun on our screens as the original show. It closely resembles the original Dating Game but with a new twist. Like the original show, the show featured several celebrity contestants asking suitors some saucy questions before selecting their preferred suitor to go on a date.

The celebrity identities are hidden from their potential suitors, who are later given a clue through parody song performances. Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton hosted the show. Celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Joey Lawrence, Chris Kattan, Carmen Electra, and Taye Diggs participated in the game.

Although this new show follows the format used in the original show, it had graphics, hilarious interviews, and music cues that are of the current digital era. It also featured LGBTQ celebrities such as Margaret Cho, Demi Burnett, and Carson Kressley.

Unfortunately, the show was not renewed for a second season.