John Travolta Owns 7 Private Airplanes – and He Almost Died in 1 of Them

John Travolta is one of the most famous actors in the world, but the Grease star’s talents aren’t limited to the silver screen – he is also an accomplished pilot and owns several private airplanes. Here’s what we know about Travolta’s planes and jets, and how he had a near-fatal accident in one of them. 

John Travolta waves his pilot hat out of the window of an airplane.
John Travolta | Jonathan Wood/Getty Images

John Travolta owns at least 7 airplanes

Pulp Fiction star John Travolta is more than a triple-threat actor, singer, and dancer.  He is also an accomplished pilot with multiple licenses and at least seven airplanes. 

According to Page Six, Travolta learned how to fly when he was just 15 years old and earned his first pilot license in 1978. The multi-millionaire is wealthy enough to afford at least seven planes, including a Boeing 727, a Boeing 707, a Bombardier Challenger 601, and three Gulfstream jets. 

“Aviation has always bailed me out of anything in my mind that is blue,” Travolta once said (via CBS News). “I can look through an airline schedule and brochure and cheer up.”

Travolta’s mansion in Ocala, Florida, has its own airstrip, allowing the movie star to fly in and out of his home. “That’s how crazy I am about it,” he said. “If I can look out the bedroom and see the planes, I am happy. I rest easy.”


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John Travolta recently got his 737 license 

The Hairspray star recently shared an important milestone in his flying career on social media. On March 20, Travolta shared an Instagram video telling fans he had just earned his license to fly a 737 airplane. 

“A very proud moment in my aviation history,” the 68-year-old said in the clip. “To add to my 747 and 707 licenses, I just received my 737 license, and it went very well, so just sharing my moment with you.”

He was standing in front of a plane with the registration number N788LS on the side. The aircraft is owned by Constellation Productions, Inc., of which Travolta is the president. So, it looks like the actor may have picked up a Boeing 737 to add to his airplane collection. 

The actor had a near-death experience while flying one of his private planes 

John Travolta is an experienced pilot with extensive training, but he still had a near-fatal incident in an airplane in 1992.

The actor was flying a Gulfstream N728T jet above Washington. It was nighttime, and the weather conditions were very cloudy. He experienced an electrical failure at 12,000 feet. Travolta had to make an emergency landing, which put him directly in the path of another plane.

Due to the electrical failure in his aircraft, the actor couldn’t hear transmissions from air towers, and he was flying without lights.

The other pilot, who was directed to help find Travolta, came within two miles of the actor’s plane – a far too close encounter at speeds of 400 mph. The other aircraft left, and Travolta landed his plane by himself. 

He touched down on the runway at the Washington National Airport, and everyone miraculously made it out of the incident unscathed.