John Wayne or MCU? Twitter Debate Over the Best Movie Punch in Film History Goes Viral

Twitter users are engaging in a hilarious debate over the best movie punch in the history of cinema. However, responses have an incredible amount of variety, providing insight into what type of punches audiences love to see. Old and new Hollywood’s approach to fighting are vastly different, although one tweet called for film buffs to select only the very best movie punch in history.

Twitter users are debating over the best movie punch of all of film history

John Wayne and Bruce Dern in 'The Cowboys,' voted as one of the best movie punch scenes. Wayne holds Dern against a tree with them both roughed up.
L-R: John Wayne as Wil Anderson and Bruce Dern as Asa Watts | FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images

One Twitter user posted the following inquiry: “Best single punch in film history? The rule is, just one closed-fist punch. It can be part of a larger chain of attacks or punches, but it’s one singular memorable punch.” She included for folks to use the corresponding hashtag to identify their choice for the best movie punch of all time.

The original poster started with two of her personal favorites. The first is 1989’s The Abyss when Michael Biehn’s Hiram Coffey punches “The Hammer,” even though she doesn’t like the film itself. Additionally, the Twitter user mentioned that Chris Makepeace’s Clifford Peache breaking Matt Dillon’s Melvin Moody’s nose is another big winner.

Some of the top selections for the best movie punch

The call for the best movie punch ever went viral, peaking as the second highest trending topic on Twitter. The responses varied between old and new Hollywood, providing a true, diverse range of feature films. Some of the most upvoted responses include Ronald Reagan’s punch in The Killers and Thor punching Thor in The Avengers. The baby punching scene in Anchorman also earned plenty of reactions on social media.

George punching Biff in Back to the Future earned one of the most repeated mentions, showing Biff slowly sliding down the side of a car after. Additionally, John Wayne earned plenty of mentions as the best movie punch for The Cowboys, McLintock!, and The Quiet Man. Indiana Jones punching a Nazi also earned a fair amount of votes for the best movie punch ever.

There is a wide variety of movie titles included in the best movie punch of all time discussion, but most Twitter users responded with older movies. The MCU and the DCEU earned some tweets, but they are certainly in the minority. Scenes with over-the-top punches and big reactions received the most upvotes and responses.

Comedic punches trump more serious Hollywood punches

Twitter loves talking about various comedic moments as the best movie punch of all time, even if they don’t belong to comedies. For example, Harmoine punching Draco in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban earned a few mentions, which commonly brings plenty of laughs. Additionally, a bear skin-wearing Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man also earned some praise as the best movie punch of all time.

It’s clear that Twitter values humor when trying to decide on the best movie punch of all time. There will never only be one correct answer, as audiences attach various meanings to the films that they suggest.

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