Johnny Depp Said His Daughter Is ‘Infinitely More Sophisticated’ Than He Is

Johnny Depp has had a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s coolest dudes for quite some time. Even his Mortdecai co-star Gwyneth Paltrow explained that she thought she was sort of cool until she met Depp. That’s when Paltrow realized that she is just a “total nerdy mom,” as she mentioned on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

From roles like Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow to The Mad Hatter and Willy Wonka, Depp is a character actor whose working relationship with director Tim Burton has sealed his fate as a timeless and talented hipster. Yet, though he may be cool, the actor believes his daughter is much more polished and sophisticated. And, if he had to guess, she doesn’t recognize his “coolness factor.”

Johnny Depp sits at the 'Lone Ranger' Japan Premiere at Roppongi Hills
Johnny Depp attends the ‘Lone Ranger’ Japan Premiere at Roppongi Hills | Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Johnny Depp talks about his relationship with his daughter, Lily-Rose 

Today, Lily-Rose Depp is 21 years old, yet she was just a teenager when Depp sat down with DeGeneres and Paltrow to discuss Mortdecai in 2015. Depp told DeGeneres and Paltrow that both his kids are wonderful, but as a “grown man and a father” there is “nothing [he] can understand about a teenage girl.” He added: 

“She’s amazing. The problem is she’s infinitely more sophisticated than I am. She can run circles around me, and she knows that she’s got me wrapped around her pinky…”

Depp | The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp share “uncoolness” when it comes to their kids 

DeGeneres noted that Depp’s daughter must understand how cool her dad is, to which Depp said, “I don’t think she would ever think that…most likely not.” And, it seems like Depp isn’t the only A-lister familiar with such experiences. Paltrow chimed in to share her experiences with her kids, explaining: 

“I thought they thought I was cool, until, we were just on holiday, and my son asked me not to walk near him on the sidewalk…and my daughter was like ‘Bye mom, we’re going to brunch without you, bye’”

Paltrow | The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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In the end, though Depp and Paltrow are famous, they are still parents. And, kids always want to find their own way, seek out independence, and ditch the nest. When Paltrow explained to her kids that she’s “in movies and stuff,” her son responded “exactly.” So, the question remains: “Is there anything a parent can do to be cool in their kids’ eyes?”