Johnny Depp Trial Verdict – Longtime Friend Suggests Jail for Amber Heard’s False Abuse Claim

The Johnny Depp trial verdict should be delivered in the coming days, but longtime friend, actor Greg Ellis says no amount of money can restore Depp’s reputation. In fact, he believes that Amber Heard’s claim of abuse is false and that her allegations have destroyed the “real victim” of domestic violence, which is Depp.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million after her op-ed implied he abused her. Depp lost jobs and his family was harassed after the op-ed dropped. Justice for Johnny supporters like Ellis, who also appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean, have said for years that it was Depp who was abused.

The Johnny Depp trial verdict won’t change the damage already done

Ellis who has known Depp for 20 years said the trial verdict won’t repair the damage done to his career and his life. “There’s no amount of money that can repair his battered reputation,” Ellis shared in a recent YouTube video.

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“No dollar amount that can undo the psychological harm caused to his children,” he added. “No sack full of gold can make up for the devastation caused to his career or the pain his family and friends have endured. Yet when a man is struck down by false allegations and is in great need of help, how many look down at their feet and shuffle backward toward the tiresome, antiseptic delusion that all men are toxic and we must reflexively believe women.”

The Johnny Depp trial verdict should have consequences for Amber Heard

Ellis recounted statements made by both Heard and Depp that pointed to Heard as being the abuser. He wondered why people can be allowed to create fake allegations of abuse and then walk away without consequences.

“Why is it acceptable for a woman like Amber Heard to commit acts of domestic violence and get away with it?” he questioned. “Well over 70% of domestic abuse allegations resulting in TRO, temporary restraining order or EPO emergency protection order are not sustained once the case moves to a permanency or evidentiary hearing. This shows that restraining orders have become all too easy to obtain and that the majority of domestic violence allegations are false or unprovable.”

“This is an affront to the real victims of domestic violence,” Ellis added. “There has to be a legal mechanism for women and men in abusive relationships to feel safe. Yet that mechanism cannot be used as a tool to reputation savage another person. The consequences are too dire. Perhaps it’s time we held victim perpetrators, those who make false allegations, accountable in court. And punish those who make them with prison time. There has to be a deterrent.”

‘We are all Johnny Depp,’ Greg Ellis says

Ellis said changes should be made beyond the Johnn Depp trial verdict outcome. “Otherwise, charlatans, gold diggers, and grifters will continue to use the silver bullet superweapon as a tool to harm the innocent,” Ellis asserted.

“The legal tool of a restraining order built as shields for women. Of these days, too easily fashioned into silver bullets that are literally, not just figuratively, killing men. In a world where suspicion always indicates guilt, due process is dead. Tell the world, Johnny. See what a judge or jury thinks, said Amber Heard. Tell the world I, Johnny Depp, a man. I’m a victim, too, of domestic violence. See how many people believe or side with you?”

Ellis said the Johnny Depp trial verdict won’t change the damage that’s been done. “[Depp attorney] Camille Vasquez enabled Amber Heard to show her hand on the stand,” he said. “Amber Heard used the silver bullet of a false allegation of DV to reputation savage Johnny Depp. Causing irreparable harm, costing him and the legions of people employed because of his good name in the movie industry. Tens, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars. Integrity is earned in turmoil, not merely asserted in comfort. I’m proud to have very publicly stood beside Johnny Depp for six years during his very public defender situation. We’re all Johnny Depp. He represents all of us.”

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