Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial Courtroom Insider Shares Gut Reaction to Who Could Win [Exclusive]

Could Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard re-shape public opinion? While defamation cases are hard to win, courtroom insider Danielle Dell’Olio reports feeling a shift in how Depp is viewed.

After a tumultuous marriage, Depp and Heard divorced. But after Heard penned an op-ed in the Washington Post about being abused, Depp was essentially blacklisted from Hollywood, his children shunned by society and he was branded as an abuser. Although Heard never named Depp in her op-ed, he claimed to have lost a number of roles, due to his tarnished image. He is currently suing her for $50 million dollars. And Dell’Olio believes he could emerge with his reputation restored.

Depp vs. Heard case seemed to shift in recent days

Dell’Olio, who studied the court documents for the past two years, said she could feel a shift in the courtroom in recent days. She said it’s hard to say how the case will end. “I will say at the beginning of this, I was extremely concerned, especially after the United Kingdom case with Johnny trying this over here,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

In July 2020 Johnny Depp and Amber Heard leave court at different times. Depp flashed a fist to the crowd and Heard made a peace sign.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard |Samir Hussein/WireImage

“Because I thought this is just going to ruin you,” she said about Depp’s case. “But now that it’s televised, now that the word is getting out about what she did and the relationship. Because the United Kingdom court was very closed. You didn’t get to hear the full story and it was all tabloid.”

Depp lost his 2020 libel case against The Sun after the publication referred to him as a “wife beater.” Judge Mr. Justice Nicol said The Sun’s reporting was “substantially true” (via BBC).

Johnny Depp’s main objective is to clear his name

Dell’Olio was frustrated with the ruling in England after reading the court documents. “The reason I’m making my content is I want people not to just listen to me. I usually link the court documents, especially in my podcast to what we’re talking about,” she said. “I just want people to look at the court documents because I think if you look at the court documents, you know what happened between the couple.”

“So [in the] beginning no idea who was going to win or lose,” she shared. “And Johnny even said he wasn’t doing it for the money. He wasn’t doing it for anything else. He just wanted his truth out there. And for people that were domestic violence survivors to know that they’ve been lied to, essentially because Amber’s claiming she’s an activist.”

Heard pledged to donate $3.5 million to the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of survivors of abuse. The ACLU reports that Heard has paid less than half of her pledge (via BBC).

Depp vs Heard case may change public opinion

Whether Depp’s case results in a financial win, Dell’Olio is optimistic Depp’s truth is being finally heard. “Now he’s won in the court of public opinion. And I feel very vindicated,” she said. “I have been screaming about this for two years now, and a lot of people now are like, oh my gosh, I didn’t realize all this stuff was going on. I can’t believe she did this to him.”

“So I don’t know if either of them will ever get another role in Hollywood again, but I do think it’s looking good for Johnny in the sense that he’s vindicated. And all of this, the six years of silence, he finally got to speak. And we’ll see where it goes from here,” she remarked.

Dell’Olio provides continuing trial coverage on her podcast, Innocent Til Tipsy, and on her Tiktok.

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