Jordan Peele Slammed ‘Nope’ Fan Calling Him the Best Horror Director of All Time, Twitter Can’t Get Enough

Filmmaker Jordan Peele is getting big reactions out from audiences with Nope. It’s his third feature film, but it operates under an entirely different tone than his two previous movies. One of Peele’s fans declared him the best horror director of all time after seeing Nope. The tweet went viral, but the filmmaker’s response itself is what broke the Internet.

‘Nope’ fan called Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time

'Nope' filmmaker Jordan Peele smiling while wearing a purple suit jacket
Jordan Peele | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

A Twitter user posted online about how astounding he found Peele’s Nope to be. However, he emphasized that the director made three “great films” in a row – Get Out, Us, and Nope. The user also attached their Rotten Tomatoes scores, 98%, 93%, and 88%, respectively.

“I know this is a hot take, but at what point do we declare Jordan Peele the best horror director of all time?,” the tweet read. “Can you think of another horror director that had 3 great films, let alone 3 in a row? I can’t.”

However, it didn’t take very long for the tweet to go viral. Some folks responding have already seen Peele’s Nope, and others have not seen it yet. Regardless, some users agreed with the assertion, although the majority questioned how he could overlook so many previous film directors.

Jordan Peele clapped back at a ‘Nope’ fan on Twitter

The Twitter thread continued to go viral when Peele himself joined the conversation surrounding Nope and his overall body of work. Many filmmakers would have kept quiet or simply thanked the user for the support, but the horror director made a hilarious moment. After all, there are other horror directors Peele looked up to for films such as Nope even to exist.

“Sir, please put the phone down,” Peele responded. “I beg you.”

Peele followed up his initial response with an apology and by bringing up one of the film industry’s biggest horror filmmakers ever – John Carpenter. Audiences should recognize his name from the 1978 Halloween, The Fog, Prince of Darkness, and They Live.

Peele followed up his initial response with: “Sorry. I love your enthusiasm, but I will just not tolerate any John Carpenter slander!!!”

Peele fans immediately started sharing his response to the Nope fan, causing others to jump in on the conversation.

Social media responds with contenders for the title of best horror director of all time

Other Twitter users, including those who loved Peele’s Nope, jumped into the conversation. Nevertheless, they started to share some of the top horror film directors of all time with more movies under their belt. One tweet mentioned Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Wes Craven, William Friedkin, Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Tobe Hooper, Rob Zombie, Brian De Palma, Ti West, Michael Haneke, Eli Roth, and David Lynch.

The responses continued to discuss a variety of filmmakers, but many of them appear to agree that Peele has a long career ahead of him. There’s still potential that he could become one of the greatest of all time, but it shouldn’t come as disrespect to other masters of horror.

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