Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s Video of Their Son With His Shoes Untied Is Causing Followers to Panic

The Duggars are known for courting young and marrying fast, and such was the case for Joseph and Kendra Duggar. Kendra’s only 21 years old, and she already has two kids with Joseph, who’s just 25. The two began courting way back in 2017 and wed that same year. And their fast-paced relationship and family growing haven’t stopped, as Kendra just gave birth to a baby girl at the end of 2019.

Because Joseph and Kendra are so young, they’re ultra-susceptible to criticism from their Instagram followers. They’re not the most frequent social media users in the family, but they do share life updates, photos of their son and daughter, and advertisements via their Instagram Story from time to time. Unfortunately, a video of their son, Garrett, on March 9 missed the mark. Here’s why they’re being harshly criticized.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar have 2 kids

The Duggars are known for their love of children. Jim Bob and Michelle first attained fame for having 19 kids and not believing in birth control. While many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s older kids seem to adapt to a more modern lifestyle that may include birth control, many have stated they hope to have as many children as God allows. And this may be Joseph and Kendra’s approach, too.

Us Weekly reminds us Kendra gave birth to the couple’s son, Garrett, back in June 2018. And just 10 months later, she announced she was pregnant with their baby girl, Addison.

“Being parents has already proven to be a greater joy than we had hoped or imagined,” Kendra and Joseph told the publication. “We love getting to parent together and are loving every moment and milestone. We are very happy that our little family will welcome a new addition later this year. Children really are a blessing from God!”

A post of their son with his shoes untied drew serious backlash

Thanks to Instagram, Kendra and Joseph’s followers are getting plenty of current photos of Garrett and Addison. But a post of the couple and Garrett added on March 9 gave followers pause. The first photo in the series shows Joseph holding Garrett while on a swing at the park. And the video that followers the photos shows Garrett climbing up a kids’ play structure with his shoes untied.

“TIE. HIS. SHOES. And stop recording,” one follower commented on the post.

Another warned, “r his shoes on wrong feet? not good for the little feet -also u might want to tie them or he will trip.”

“Tie the kid’s shoes…..he will fall and could get hurt. Not very smart,” yet another commented.

Many fans think Duggar followers are out of line with their criticism

This certainly isn’t the first time Kendra and Joseph have heard criticism from their followers. Back in May 2019, they got in trouble with their fans for reinforcing stereotypes on another one of their Instagram photos of Garrett. And all of Joseph’s siblings who are on the ‘gram get an earful from their followers regarding how they choose to parent their kids, too.

Duggar followers are now criticizing the know-it-all critics, though. And many commented in support of Kendra and Joseph in regards to the untied-shoelace incident.

“I’m so over the internet tonight,” one follower commented on the post. “As soon as I saw this video I knew people would lose their minds over his shoes. Seriously people. I’m sure his parents tied his shoes. I’m sure he survived and I bet he’s not even hurt. There’s no need to comment and judge everything.”

“No wonder they don’t post a lot… as soon as they do, people pounce on any imperfection… Joe and Kendra, y’all are wonderful parents who are enjoying your kids and having a nice time at the park,” another added. “I hope these comments didn’t overshadow the fun memories you made today.”

We’re not sure if Joseph and Kendra are heavily impacted by the negative commentary. But we do know they don’t post as often as some of the other Duggars, and perhaps the criticism is one of the reasons.

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