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Josh Duggar Once Said His Courtship to Anna Duggar Was About ‘Choosing Purity’

Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021, and Duggar family followers anxiously wait to see what his wife, Anna Duggar will do. Now, we're taking a look at the humble beginnings of Josh and Anna's marriage. And Josh once said he chose 'purity' with Anna. Here's what happened.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar have been together for years, and they’ve certainly been through plenty of ups and downs in their marriage. Police arrested Josh in April 2021 on suspicion of obtaining child sexual abuse material. But when Josh and Anna were still young in their relationship, Josh told a reporter he chose “purity” with Anna during his courtship. Here’s a throwback to what the oldest Duggar family son said.

Josh Duggar was the first Duggar family child to get married

A pregnant Anna Duggar next to Josh Duggar of the Duggar family from TLC's 'Counting On' at a conference
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar in 2015 | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh Duggar is the oldest Duggar family child of Jim Bob and Michelle, and he was also the first to marry. Anna and Josh met back in 2006 at a homeschooling conference, and the two instantly hit it off. They tied the knot just two years later and engaged in a brief courtship.

When it comes to courtships, Josh and Anna had to follow the typical Duggar family courtship rules. The Duggars consider courting as “dating with a purpose,” as they date in the hopes that their partner could be the person they end up marrying. All courtships are heavily monitored by Jim Bob and Michelle, and all dates between courting partners have a chaperone. Additionally, the couple can’t kiss, hug, or hold hands while courting. Any physical touch is saved for the wedding day.

Josh and Anna had their first child, Mackynzie, in October 2009, just a year after marriage. Today, the couple has six kids with a seventh on the way in fall 2021.

Josh said he chose ‘purity’ with Anna during their courtship

It seems Josh Duggar leaned heavily into the Duggar family courtship rules. Years ago, Josh talked to an interviewer about what courtship meant to him and Anna prior to marriage. He noted the importance of the practice, as he wanted to remain pure until his wedding day.

“There are many different definitions of courtship, but for us, it meant really choosing purity, choosing to wait for a lot of things that people would take for granted,” he explained to the interviewer. “So, our first kiss was on our wedding day. That’s what it meant for us.”

Unfortunately, the illusion of Josh’s innocence was shattered by 2015. Reports came forward alleging Josh molested underage girls — a few of whom were his sisters. Later reports noted Josh was unfaithful to Anna during their marriage, and he admitted to having an addiction to pornography. Despite the difficulties, Anna remained by Josh’s side as they weathered the storm.

Are Josh and Anna Duggar still together following Josh’s 2021 arrest?


The Duggar Family Didn’t Make a Birthday Post for Anna Duggar Amidst Josh Duggar Arrest

So, is Anna Duggar still with Josh Duggar in 2021? While a few Duggar family members have made statements in regards to Josh’s arrest, Anna has remained quiet. But recent reports suggest Anna continues to support Josh through this difficult time for their family.

An insider alleged to The Sun that Anna spends the bulk of her time at Josh’s host’s family, the Rebers. Josh cannot go back home while he awaits his trial in November 2021. And he can only see his six children with Anna’s supervision. The insider noted Anna stays with Josh without the children, and her family’s taking care of their kids.

“Anna is spending most of her time with Josh at the Rebers, and her family has stepped in to help raise all their kids,” the source said. “She takes them to visit him or they are looked after while she’s there alone. Despite what he’s been charged with, she refuses to believe he’s guilty.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Josh and Anna moving forward.

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