Josh Duggar Told Wife Anna Duggar He Loved Her After Guilty Verdict While Anna Remained ‘Stoic’

Josh Duggar’s trial has officially concluded on Dec. 9, 2021, and the judge announced the verdict. The jury found Josh Duggar guilty on both counts of possessing and receiving child sexual abuse material. Reporters noted Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, remained “stoic” after hearing the unfortunate news, and her husband also appeared teary-eyed in the wake of the verdict. Here’s how the Duggar couple reportedly reacted.

Josh Duggar verdict: Josh Duggar found guilty of possessing and receiving child sexual abuse material

Josh Duggar standing next to wife Anna Duggar smiling at the camera during a conference. Anna Duggar is pregnant and holding her belly.
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Josh Duggar’s trial began in November 2021 after federal agents arrested him in April 2021 on suspicion of possessing child sexual abuse material. In 2019, Homeland Security agents raided his car lot, Wholesale Motorcars, where he allegedly downloaded the material. After over a week of court dates, the jury came to a decision on Dec. 9, 2021. The jury’s verdict found Josh Duggar guilty on two counts of possessing and receiving child sexual abuse material, The Sun reports.

So, what’s next for Josh and the rest of the Duggar family? Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, stood by his side through the allegations and the entire trial. A number of other Duggar family members, like Jim Bob Duggar, James Duggar, Justin Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jessa Duggar, also attended the trial. According to the judge, it could take around four months to issue a sentence for Josh’s crimes, and he could face up to 20 years in prison. Until then, the judge ordered him to undergo mandatory detention.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, had a ‘stoic’ reaction to the guilty verdict

A number of Duggar family members attended the trial to hear the verdict on Josh Duggar’s trial. According to The Sun, when the judge read the guilty verdict in court, Josh was “teary-eyed but not crying.” He also looked over at his family when handcuffed. The reporter also noted he looked “solemn” upon hearing the verdict.

As for Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, the reporter noted Anna looked “completely stoic” when hearing the news. Additionally, Josh told Anna he loved her as he exited the courtroom. Jim Bob Duggar then reportedly hugged Anna.

The Sun also noted Justin Duggar cried when hearing the guilty verdict.

Anna, Jim Bob, Justin, and Justin’s wife, Claire Spivey, all left the trial together without answering any questions reporters asked them. Photos of Anna leaving the courthouse showed she didn’t look visibly upset on her way out.

Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, also spoke out

Jill Duggar was added to the potential witness list early in the case, but she didn’t testify. She attended one day of Josh Duggar’s trial with Derick Dillard, and Derick attended all of the other days without her. Jill did not attend the trial on Dec. 9, 2021, when the judge announced the guilty verdict. When a reporter asked Derick how he felt about the verdict, The Sun reports he said, “I’m just gonna go back and tell my wife.”

Derick also spoke to People on his way out of the courthouse. He noted he and Jill wanted to attend the trial to “see the facts” in person. “We just wanted to, among other things, see the facts for ourselves,” he told the publication. “America is the best country to get justice.” 

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