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Josh Duggar’s trial began at the end of November 2021. In April 2021, Josh was arrested on suspicion of downloading and possessing child sexual abuse material in 2019. While his defense hoped to get his case dismissed, the jury hit him with a guilty verdict in December 2021. Does the Duggar family believe the verdict? Here’s what’s allegedly going on with the family now that the trial ended.

Josh Duggar’s trial ended in December 2021

Josh Duggar's photo when he got arrested in April 2021. Josh Duggar's trial found him guilty of his crimes.
A photo of Josh Duggar when he got arrested in April 2021 | Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Josh Duggar’s trial proved difficult for the Duggar family and close friends to deal with. During the trial, the prosecution showed the downloads found on Josh’s work computer from Wholesale Motorcars.

Additionally, the prosecution discussed Josh’s alleged molestation from the early 2000s. In 2015, the media brought the molestation to the forefront, and Josh admitted to inappropriately touching a number of young girls, including his sisters, in his teens. But Duggar family friend Bobye Holt gave horrific details surrounding the situation that she never shared before.

A number of Duggar family members attended the trial. Jim Bob Duggar, Jill Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jana Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, James Duggar, and Justin Duggar attended at least one day of the trial. Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, stood by Josh’s side every day of the trial.

Do the Duggars believe the guilty verdict? They allegedly ‘braced themselves for the worst’

Do the Duggars believe the jury’s guilty verdict after Josh Duggar’s trial? Given the statements several Duggar family members made so far, it seems they do. Joy-Anna Duggar’s statement says she and husband Austin Forsyth “agree with the judicial system’s verdict.” This seems to be the consensus for all the family members so far, though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also said they will “never stop praying” for Josh, per their statement on their blog.

While the Duggars seem to believe the guilty verdict after the trial, a source told In Touch that the family’s “torn apart” by what they learned. “The family prayed and prayed, but also braced themselves for the worst,” the insider detailed.

“[Michelle Duggar] and [Jim Bob Duggar] are trying to stay strong, praying for Josh, [Anna Duggar], and their grandkids,” the source added. “The family is rallying, but some of the kids can’t forgive their brother Josh for what he did. They’re horrified that he didn’t get help sooner.” 

The insider also noted Josh’s actions are “unforgivable,” and what he did leaves a “permanent stain on the family.”

Did Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, leave him?

Josh Duggar with his wife, Anna Duggar, posing and smiling. Anna Duggar is holding her pregnant belly
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar pose during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Duggar Family Friend Bobye Holt Calls for Jim Bob Duggar to ‘Withdraw’ From Senate Run After Josh Duggar’s Trial

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, married in 2008. Despite the molestation scandal that came to the forefront in 2015, as well as Josh’s cheating scandals and alleged pornography addiction, Anna stayed by his side. It seems she never considered divorce, as she always wanted to help Josh get better and become a better husband and father. Additionally, divorce is frowned upon by the Duggars due to their religious upbringing.

So far, it still doesn’t seem like Anna will leave Josh despite the guilty verdict. She has yet to make any public statements about the trial or post to social media, though. Her last post was in celebration of the birth of their seventh child, Madyson Lily Duggar, on Nov. 16, 2021. Additionally, Anna reportedly looked “stoic” when the jury found Josh guilty of his crimes.

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