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Josh Duggar’s trial is bringing a lot of attention to the Duggar family, and his recent court hearings are also putting him a new light. Many Duggar family fans and critics suspect the rest of the family want him to take a plea deal, as it may keep them out of the spotlight as well. And according to family critics, Josh has a finite amount of time before he has to accept a formal plea deal or not. Here are the latest Josh Duggar updates.

Josh Duggar’s trial looms closer — and he reportedly has to make a plea deal soon

Josh Duggar's mugshot after his 2021 arrest. Josh Duggar's trial is scheduled for November 2021.
Mug shot of Josh Duggar | Washington County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Josh Duggar’s trial continues to occupy the current Duggar news cycle. At the end of September 2021 he and his legal team headed to court to fight for four motions they put forward. The motions suggested Josh’s case should get dropped completely, and they also noted some evidence, like photos of Josh’s hands, should get suppressed. However, the judge voted against the motions Josh’s legal team introduced.

So, what’s next for Josh? “The case will proceed as normal, likely with more plea deals being offered, more discovery (fact investigation), and drafting of appeals (for the defense),” a Reddit user noted.

Another Reddit user following the case noted Oct. 18, 2021, is the deadline for Josh to accept a formal plea deal. “This means that’s the last date that [Josh] can plead guilty and be told what his sentence is going to be,” the Reddit user wrote. “He can continue to plea after this date, but what he gives is an ‘open plea’ where the judge just hears that [Josh] has plead guilty and then the judge can maybe hear about some mitigating factors, and then sentences him.”

Jim Bob Duggar probably wants Josh Duggar to take the plea deal

Duggar family fans and critics suspect Jim Bob Duggar may push his son to take a plea deal. Josh Duggar’s trial could further sink the Duggar family name. In order to keep the family out of the spotlight, Jim Bob may want Josh to take the deal, plead guilty, and not go to trial at all.

“And this right here is a prime example of why I think Jim Bob will do absolutely any and everything to avoid Josh taking this to trial,” another Reddit user wrote. “Josh goes to trial, there are going to be days and weeks of articles like this – -specifics coming out, every detail written about. … Anything there is to know about what growing up in the Duggar house and IBLP was really like, outside of the TV cameras.”

Additionally, if Josh’s case gets to the “open plea” stage, it could spell doom for him — but it might also be a better option than heading to trial. “Theoretically, pleading guilty in the open plea stage could result in an equal sentence as that which would come from trial,” the Reddit user explaining the plea deal wrote. “But probably not because a judge will likely see the decision to own up to the guilt as a mitigating factor. And you still save yourself the time and energy of going through with trial.”

Are the Duggars coming back to TV? It doesn’t seem likely after ‘Counting On’ cancellation


Photos of Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar’s Kids Posted to Instagram for the First Time Since Josh’s Arrest

Will the Duggar family return to TV? Unfortunately, Counting On was canceled due to Josh Duggar’s arrest and future trial. The network told Us Weekly they were finished filming the show.

“TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On,” the network stated. “TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

Many of the Duggars, like Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Jana Duggar, continue to post to Instagram despite the upcoming trial. It seems they’re choosing to ignore what is happening with their brother in favor of posting lifestyle content for their followers.

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