Joshua Jackson Said This Photoshoot ‘Ruined’ His High School Life

Anyone who has seen movies such as The Mighty Ducks or Cruel Intentions is definitely familiar with Canadian actor Joshua Jackson. He rose to fame in the 1990s due to classically handsome looks and superb acting skills. Jackson has the ability to transform into just about any type of character, and it is safe to say that he won over the hearts of millions of fans pretty early on in his career.

Joshua Jackson smiling in front of a black background
Joshua Jackson | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The baby-faced actor was a teen heartthrob at one point, with plenty of admirers following his every move. We all know that Jackson has quite the sense of humor, both on and offscreen, so let’s talk about something he discussed recently — the photoshoot that “ruined” his high school life. 

The photoshoot that almost ruined everything

It seems that Jackson has been enjoying the good life for years. So, what could have possibly happened as a teenager that is so embarrassing that it took a huge toll on the actor? Well, as it turns out, Jackson did a photoshoot that he says “ruined” his high school life.

The incident occurred in the “pre-internet” days, and appeared in a popular magazine. Jackson, who had highlighted his hair blonde at the time, posed for the pictures, and apparently, they still haunt him to this day.

It was embarrassing because, according to Jackson “the adults that took them essentially wanted you to be an obnoxious Disney kid, and I was definitely not a polished child. I should have learned this much earlier — sarcasm does not work in photographs.”

An amazing career

From the time Jackson entered the spotlight as a child, it was clear to everyone that acting was in his blood. Over the years, he has had some amazing roles such as his work in Crooked Hearts, which, according to The Famous People, remains the most significant role of his career.

It was in 1998 that Jackson really got his big break when he landed the role of the lovably sarcastic Pacey Witter in the teen drama Dawson’s Creek. The show was wildly successful for the six seasons that it ran, and it was what truly helped Jackson become a household name. So, what has the actor been doing since the show ended?

He certainly has been keeping busy, appearing in big-budget films including Ocean’s Eleven, The Safety of Objects, and The Skulls. GQ reports that he has also worked on Broadway, which is pretty impressive! Jackson’s hard work and dedication to acting have paid off, and he is the recipient of several awards such as the 2006 Hollywood Film Award, and several Teen Choice Awards. On top of that, he has been nominated for countless others.

Joshua Jackson’s personal life and upbringing

Jackson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and knew from a young age that acting was something that he wanted to pursue. According to Hello! Magazine, he moved back and forth between Los Angeles and Seattle, Washington as a child, and is extremely close to his mother, who is responsible for introducing him to the world of acting.

It was clear that Jackson definitely had the talent to do just that, and even as a small child, he was taking small parts in films such as The Changeling. Over the years, wehave watched as he dated some fellow high-profile celebrities, including Katie Holmes and Diane Kruger, before finally settling down with his current wife, Jodie Turner-Smith.

The couple has since welcomed a daughter, Janie, and Elle reports that their marriage is so strong that they often take the time to “high-five each other” over how well they are doing together. 

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