Josiah Duggar Admitted to Sneaking Through Lauren Duggar’s Phone to Plan Her Birthday Surprise

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggars over the years via Counting On know many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older kids have their own social media now. And Josiah Duggar is no different. The 23-year-old isn’t the most well-known of the family, but his relationship with Lauren Duggar gets plenty of attention. And many wonder what their marriage is really like.

Recently, Lauren turned 21 years old. And Josiah planned a special birthday surprise for her. But he mentioned something on their Instagram Story that seemed a little off — and it was regarding her personal privacy. Here’s what was said.

Duggar followers have long been wary of Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s relationship

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Josiah and Lauren seem to act much older than they really are. They tied the knot in 2018 and already went through a devastating miscarriage. Now, they have a young, healthy daughter together, and they seem to love each other a ton. But many still think their marriage is strange.

Prior to Josiah’s marriage with Lauren, he publicly courted Marjorie Jackson back in 2015 — and the two seemed to really hit it off. Oddly enough, their courtship ended just a few months after it began. And it seems Josh Duggar’s molestation allegations may have had something to do with it.

Either way, he was linked to Lauren next. And a source told The Hollywood Gossip that this marriage was arranged with Lauren’s father, Dwain Swanson, as Jim Bob wanted Josiah to settle down after his defiant youth.

“How that marriage came about, Jim Bob made some sort of deal with Dwain and said, ‘We’ve got to do something about Josiah,'” the source explained.

Lauren recently turned 21 years old

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Happy 21st Birthday Lauren!

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It’s hard to believe Lauren is only 21. But the couple announced on their Instagram that it was her birthday on May 18. “Happy 21st Birthday Lauren,” the post was captioned. And it included a video of Josiah giving his well wishes.

“Today is Lauren’s 21’s birthday,” Josiah says in his tribute. “Lauren, I’m so grateful for you. I love you. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you make for our little family taking care of us every day.”

It looks like Lauren had an amazing birthday celebration with her family, too. She recorded an Instagram Story from her car, as she and Josiah parked in the Cross Church parking lot. “Sia told me not to look, he’s pulling stuff out of the car — he’s got pillows and all kinds of stuff,” Lauren explained.

It was then revealed that Josiah made a picnic with Lauren that was complete with a delicious home-cooked meal. “He’s so thoughtful. … I am literally being spoiled today,” she added.

Josiah told their Instagram followers he snuck through her phone to help with her surprise

Lauren and Josiah Duggar on their Instagram Story
Lauren and Josiah Duggar on their Instagram Story | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram Story

Lauren clearly loves her surprise birthday celebration. And she talks about how elated she was that Josiah spoiled her all day long on her Instagram Story.

“This man right here spoiled me the whole day. He planned the whole day out. You did a very good job,” Lauren tells Josiah on her Story.

To that, Josiah explains how he pulled it off. “This is how I figure you do it — you get on your spouse’s phone and you find their Pinterest board, and you see what they like. And then you just kinda do something to make them feel special,” he explained.

Josiah may have meant well, but many folks probably don’t want their spouses secretly going through their phones. And it makes us wonder if this speaks to a bigger issue in Duggar marriages. The Duggars typically abide by gender roles, and the women enter marriages to submit to their husbands. Perhaps Josiah doesn’t need any permission to sneak through Lauren’s phone, as he may feel justified in doing so since he’s her husband. And Lauren clearly doesn’t seem bothered when he talks about it.

If it makes Josiah and Lauren happy, then we’re sure they’ll continue on as usual — but we see red flags!

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