Josiah Duggar’s Wife, Lauren, Might Be Trying to Steal Jessa Duggar’s Spotlight

The Duggars have been on our radar for years, and it’s now Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest kids who are keeping us entertained. Jessa Duggar has her own YouTube channel and Instagram that are filled with photos and videos of her children. And recently, she’s been giving her followers plenty of content of her youngest kid, Ivy, who’s just 11 months old.

Josiah and his wife, Lauren Duggar, are in the spotlight, too. They share photos and videos of their daughter, Bella, on their Instagram as well. But there seems to be a shocking similarity between Lauren’s recent Instagram Story and Jessa’s video of Ivy, which has many wondering if Lauren is trying to copy Jessa.

Jessa Duggar recently posted a video of her daughter, Ivy, ‘talking’

Jessa has two sons, Spurgeon and Henry, but it’s her youngest baby, Ivy, who’s getting all the attention. Ivy just turned 11 months old, and it looks like she’s already starting to form a few words. On May 21, Jessa posted a video of Ivy “talking.”

“Ivy is 11 months old now, and she is starting to use new words every week!” Jessa captioned the video. “It’s so cute to hear her repeating things we say, and using them on her own in proper context. She’s growing up too fast! Can’t believe she’s nearly one!”

Toward the end of the video, Jessa tries to get Ivy to say “mama” — but she doesn’t do it. And Jessa references this in an Instagram post. “We put together a little video of her talking, and it’s pretty cute,” Jessa captioned her post. “She says so many things, but every time I say ‘Ivy, say ‘Mama!’ — it’s complete silence. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.”

Lauren and Josiah Duggar also have a daughter together

The Duggars love kids, and Jessa’s younger brother is also starting his family. Josiah and Lauren Duggar had their baby girl, Bella, on Nov. 8, 2019. And the two were over the moon to finally have a child, as Lauren miscarried her first child, which was a devastating loss for her. She even shared the fear she had going into her second pregnancy with the Counting On cameras.

“The beginning of this pregnancy was quite hard. I spotted for a month. And my progesterone levels dropped very, very low. Progesterone helps your body from going into labor too early,” she said. “So I was taking a lot of progesterone and my levels were still dropping. So we were thinking that we’d lose this one. … Every doctor’s visit, you always expect the worst because you don’t wanna put your hopes up and then they crash.”

Thankfully, Bella seems like a happy and healthy little girl. And, of course, Josiah and Lauren are ecstatic to be parents.

Lauren posted a video of her daughter saying ‘mama’

Lauren Duggar's baby, Bella, on her Instagram Story
Lauren Duggar’s baby, Bella, on her Instagram Story | Josiah and Lauren Duggar via Instagram Story

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It’s clear that Lauren looks up to her sisters-in-law, as there’s been speculation in the past that she’s copied their style or mimicked their Instagram posts. And it looks like her recent Instagram Story of Bella is also raising eyebrows.

On May 26, Lauren added an Instagram Story video of her trying to get Bella to say “mama.” It appears the baby says it, too, which causes a joyous reaction in Lauren. “Yay! You said ‘mama’!” she said. This video comes just days after Jessa noted she tried to get Ivy to say the same word.

“Is Lauren trying to compete with Jessa? (Jessa posted a video of Ivy saying lots of words, but Ivy can’t say ‘Mama’ yet),” a Reddit user asked.

It seems other Reddit users were focused on the baby babble rather than the similarities between the posts, but it’s hard to ignore the idea that Lauren may be trying to show Jessa up with her video. Perhaps there’s more competition within the Duggar family than we thought!

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